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Request PDF on ResearchGate | Bore finishing—The ballizing process | The ballizing process is a relatively new microfinishing process that involves the forcing. Request PDF on ResearchGate | A Study of the Ballizing Process | The ballizing process which involves the forcing of a precision ground tungsten carbide ball. PDF | Ballizing is a method of finishing an internal diameter. This process involves the forcing of a precision-ground metallic ball through a slightly undersized.

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Increasing part life, decreasing wear, closer tolerances, higher load bearing surfaces, better sealing capabilities, and elimination of a break in period. It is simultaneously rotated bballizing pressed into the workpiece. That is because according our assumptions the friction force, the feed force and other interference forces are neglected in model.

Results obtained from calculations based on the equations mentioned earlier: E is the experimental error and the b values are estimates of the b parameters. This paper is an attempt towards comparing experimental and theoretically results of forces obtained procesd varying interference.

If the hardness increases over the entire cross section of the metal it is associated with the disadvantage of decreasing the overall ductility of the metal. It is a metal-displacement process, in which an oversize ball is pushed through an undersize hole. Surface roughness represented by Ra proved to be improved by the process to an optimum speed, feed and clearance.

Centre line Average Value: Russian Engineering Journal, Vol. Maqableh, The effects of initialBallizing procesd as force on nonferrous components. Copy the following to cite this URL: Improving gear efficiency by Burning Machine and Tooling, 3: Surface of work piece hardening, perhaps the most effective method of increasing the fatigue strength of machine components.


The main disadvantage is that super finishing requires grinding or a hard turning operation beforehand, which increases cost.

Ballizing process

Aluminium bushed and the same hardened steel ball combinations were also used. K, Joshi H, Agarwal P. Large diameter balls seem to be more effective in improv-ing surface roughness, while small diameter balls seems to be more effective in increasing surface hardness.

Cold plastic deformation completely eliminates the unwanted stress raisers. Introduction Ballizing Balliziing Pressure and Force The explanation is that the relationship between the contact area and the force is near linear for these materials, and therefore the contact pressure as a ratio of force to area is practically constant.

Of Ural polytechnical Institute, Col. The cylindrical bush is subjected to uniform internal pressure. Upadhyay 1H. It is especially useful for removing the burr in the middle of a through hole that was drilled from both sides.

Ballizing, ball burnishing with tungsten carbide balls | ITI Ball

Methodology and Study Evaluation of Different Forces Stresses and Forces It has been found that steel after annealing increases its volume substantially whereas if the steel is normalized its volume does not increase. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4. Please contact us for more information or you may get a custom quote online for your burnishing ball or ball burnishing questions or needs. The tool is usually hardened and coated with special materials to increase its life.

Remark Some experimental load curve are very close to theoretically calculated values. The tool resembles a roller bearing, but the rollers are fixed so they slide against the workpiece surface instead of rolling. OssowskaGdansk University of Technology, ul.

  EW100 G2 PDF

The heat generated at the deformation zone and friction zones over heats the tool and the work pieces Any standard grade, light weight, low-viscosity lubricating oil or pricess mineral, sulfur or soluble oil compatible with the metal or alloy to be burnished, is suitable for most metals. The dependence of the contact pressure force upon the Ballizing force is not the same for hard and soft metals. The surface roughness decreases with increase in feed rate, BALLIZING speed, force, and number of tool passes, to a certain limit, then it starts to increase with each of the above-mentioned parameters.

What is Burnishing Balls or Ballizing? It has given very good results for bores ranging from 0.

Ballizing process

Further increase in the force tends to increase the surface roughness. Journal of MaterialsProcessing Technology The ball expands the hole by displacing an amount of material equal to the interference fit.

Obviously this increase in hardness is due to plastic deformation in steel. In fact, you can ballize a hole as small as 0. The tool is similar to a broach, but instead of cutting away material, it plows it out of the way.

The edges of the metal can be smoothened by pushing it through a die that will smooth out the burrs and the blanked edge caused by the die break. The balls must be more hard than 65 Rc.