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Bansuri use a relative scale, similar to the ‘do, re, mi’ concept. The notes are not measured in pitch (hertz), but are in relation to the first note. Have you ever dreamed of playing flute that too on classical songs from Hindi, English or Nepali songs. Now it is easy with this app. Additional practice sets are . For middle octave notes there will no symbols, example – middle octave Pa is denoted In flute we can produce P D N of the lower octave, S R G M P D N of the.

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For example Raga Bhupali uses the following notes ascending: Thibaud Cloarec March 2, at 6: If the climate is very dry then you should oil the flute more frequently! Bansuri use a relative scale, similar to the ‘do, re, mi’ concept.

This cleans it perfectly every time and kills the bacteria. What this means is that. For Raga Bhupali, the vadi most important note is: RebelAngel Killer62 February 12, at 1: Key is not a constraint. This seems counter intuitive at first, but makes sense if you keep in mind that the scale begins with 3 holes closed. These notes are played over and over again throughout a performance and that is why it is important to know them.

Your embouchure should be about the size of a drinking straw and shaped like a circle or teardrop. Also, you should not have to force the cloth inside the flute, the cloth should be loose enough so that it slides in easily, touching the sides of the bamboo interior.


The notes in red with an apostrophe before them are notes in the low register or octave. Roll the flute away from your lips approximately 90 degrees, so that the embouchure hole is now level with the ceiling. The statues arrived yesterday.

I am also a student of Bansuri, but just a bit experiences banuri you what you said that you are a fresher. These flutes are short enough for most beginners to be able to play.

And rest assured that I will soon order more books. Until and unless a guruyou can’t play flute well. Learn How to Play Flute.

Swaras and Symbols in Bansuri | Flute Bansuri-Official Site

Look Inside the Book. Thank you so much. Verify the characters on the left. Roll the lips inward, so that there is no pink showing. As a last resort, you can try warming it with the bnasuri of your hands, but it is best to allow the bamboo to adjust to room temperature first.

Flute Notes (Sargam)

It is a bit like swimming when you must breathe in quickly when coming up for notatins. You may notice if you are a beginner that you get out of breath easily or feel dizzy when blowing into the bansuri or that you are not able to play lots of notes or hold the sound for long this happens especially on the bigger flutes.


This choice is yours and noattions decision may be based on the climate where you live. From this point we will reach Sa one octave above our starting note, with the same finger position as we started with, 3 holes closed.

Wonderful items and service!

Furthermore, the notation system is based on finger position, rather than tone. The upper octave is reached by changing your mouth shape embouchure which refocuses the air. Oh how I wished that other businesses in Bansuro would learn to do the same! Imagine someone saying to you “Ok so now you can play on the bansuri the normal notes; Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni Sa, but now you must only play specific notes and some notes you must not play at all”.

So when a musician plays Raga Bhupali, he or she will play these notes longer or may start or stop on these notes.

If the bamboo is very cold on the outside and then you suddenly blow warm air into it without warming the outside of the bamboo first, the bamboo will expand inside but the outside will stay the same.

Handbook of Bansuri Flute: