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Barranca Abajo. LF. Logan Falley. Updated 13 September Transcript. Un analysis de la obra de Florencio Sanchez. Florencio Sánchez is generally considered to be the first dramatist of major particularly Barranca abajo} This phenomenon is curious, since the play at its. The Dramaturgy of Florencio Sánchez: An Analysis of Barranca abajo. René De Costa. Keywords: Specific Literature, Spanish American literature, Time Period.

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The representation of the three acts lacks the pattern of traditional dramaturgy exposition, complication, and denouement.

Barranca abajo

Don Zoilo, an aging rural patriarch, through the machinations of city lawyers loses his estate. River Plate chauvinism continues to thwart dramatic criticism, and as a abaji, a serious literary question remains unanswered today: Paul McNeil rated it liked it Dec 09, Indeed, its steady passage over the years from a quaint drama of the River Plate region to a place of permanence in the theatrical repertories florehcio the Hispanic world suggests the presence of universal dramatic qualities.

Rutherford, Fairleigh Dickinson University Press. Sanches have already observed certain parallels in acts I and III; the second act contains the variant which establishes the significance of the pattern: In the second act, his setbacks are such that he begins to surrender to the cruelties of an indifferent world.

How does Barranca abajo function as dramatic literature? ZOILO se aleja y hace mutis lentamente por la derecha. Canillita has been interpreted by a Spanish operetta company. The irrational outburst is not unexpected:. Many critics -undoubtedly confusing dramatic action with a preceptive notion of real life- are still concerned over the fact that Aniceto, Zoilo’s faithful ahijadoin neither version succeeds in preventing the old man from hanging himself.

Barranca abajo – Out of the Wings

The principal action concerns the protagonist’s repeated assertion of self in his various efforts to retain his patriarchal position. His intense works in journalism and theater unfolded in these cities. The stage directions are most revealing.


Over the centuries though, the problem facing both authors has remained essentially unchanged: Paul pla rated it liked it Feb 05, La gringa ; and, Barranca abajo. Jess rated it it was ok Oct 22, Veronica Lertora rated it liked it Aug 27, En el aire no puedo hacerlo. Aura es el viejo Zoilo, como dicen todos. What specific system of actions governs the character of Don Zoilo? Thus, when Don Zoilo enters at the peak of the argument, the mood suddenly shifts, for the women feign harmony and begin to chatter about the weather.

Barranca Abajo (English, Spanish, Paperback)

Finally, his youngest daughter dies, and in desperation and solitude he seeks an end to his own life. Lists with This Book. A Latin American tragedy which tells the story of a Uruguayan patriarch and his family of women who, not unlike Lear, has fallen from his high perch in the old gauchesque world of land-owning and has descended into turmoil and despair, unable to make the transition into modern, liberal society.

Llamala a mama, entonces, o a Rudelinda. Aniceto arrives to see the family preparing to return to their former home thus betraying his friend Don Zoilo by taking up residence on the estate of his usurper. In Act II the enemy is within; the commissioner and his cohort have already established a liaison with the younger women of the family. Representation and dialogue are complimentary signs. Events which are not pertinent to the principal action of self-assertion are made to occur between the acts.

At a very young age, he published a few satirical articles in a newspaper and participated as actor and author in some family musicals with staged representations.

Paralleling the structure of the first act, it is again in Zoilo’s confrontation with the public that his state of mind is profiled. With stage objects, physical action, and a minimum of dialogue he represents the psychic torment of the protagonist.

It is undoubtedly for this reason that the structured text of Barranca abajo reveals the kind of cohesion and wholeness found only in the greatest works of dramatic literature. Erika rated it really liked it May 10, Acquainted with the masterworks of the modern stage, and influenced by the esthetic concerns of Hispanic modernism, he was uniquely able to communicate a dramatic sensation of reality.


Old Zoilo -enraged over his own impotence midway through the play- reacts at the end to the death of Robusta much like Lear to that of his daughter. In the first act Zoilo’s peculiar behavior was noted not only by his family and, one assumes, by the audiencebut also by an outside observer.

To view it, click here. Tal vez se haga con agua. Don Zoilo, in complete mastery of the new situation, makes a most commanding entrance-on horseback:.

The critical and scathing realism was apparent in his literary work for the newspaper; this writing style would later characterize his theatrical productions. The protagonist is literally beaten down. The fact that Zacconi’s interpretation of this stirring scene would be immediately familiar sancyez the audience of Barranca abajo is but one more example of what was probably an intentional allusion to Barrancca Lear 8. Graciela rated it really liked it Jan 18, Carol rated it really liked it Oct 23, Itzel Aguilar rated it really liked it Feb 14, Se levanta de la siesta.

Drama, not just verbal, was physical impersonation as well. Avanza lentamente y se sienta en un banquito. The familiar three-act pattern is therefore not causal, but expository; the effect is documentary. Paralleling the pattern of the opening act and echoing its significance, the closing act begins with the women involved in discussion, while Don Zoilo is again a mute and menacing presence:. Si se resiste, va a ser pior. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.