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The Basic Security In the Field e-learning course contains vital security information for personnel, family members and others covered by the UN Security . Basic Security Training in the Field II. Full title: Basic Security Training in the Field II Type: online. Short description: e-learning course by UNDSS on security. Below security trainings (BSITF, ASITF) are mandatory for all UN travels and deployments. Basic and Advanced Security in the Field for external, non-UN staff.

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Thank you for your continued support and cooperation. If you are submitting the request for yourself, select the button that reads your name.

What fielr it mean to be “Cleared” or “Approved”? On 1 January the new online security clearance system went live. The course is divided into seven modules. However, when the DO needs to control the number and movement of personnel, security clearances will be done manually. Second, there are no mandatory security measures linked to any Security Level.

Summary of Basic Security in the Field (BSITF II) – new version

It is also highly recommended that TRIP is used for personal travel. Please print it to PDF or save a screen shot for future reference in addition to your paper copy. Bbasic correctly install the Adobe Shockwave player onto your computer, contact your respective IT services.


In order to enhance safety and security awareness for United Nations personnel at the VIC, the Security and Safety Service Vienna is presenting four general safety and security themes to support a safety and security mindset at the VIC.

There are no administrative or financial actions, such as security-related entitlements, linked to the SLS. Structure The course is divided into seven modules.

What other information can the SLS provide? Learning objectives By the end of the course, you will learn how securitt This allows the United Nations to provide appropriate security support to all personnel eligible under UN security arrangements while they are traveling.

Basic Security in the Field II (English)

In other words, it means that your security clearance request has been granted. Terms of use Privacy policy Help and support. How can I create a “New Staff” under the Travellers? Advanced e-course UN system activity.

In most cases, this clearance will be automatic. If you have any other questions, please download one of the user guides below. Notifications are emailed to the person who submitted the security th request and ALL travellers in the itinerary. Under the section on adding Travel Segments, when would I mark the “Transit” box?

Under the “Travel Details List” section, simply on the trashcan icon in order to delete you security clearance request. The “Transit” box is marked when multiple destinations are involved.


Relocation and evacuation are risk management measures and considered after the Security Risk Assessment SRA is conducted. Although Security Clearance is not required for personal travel, travelers are strongly encouraged to register personal travel in TRIP.

– Online courses by the United Nations Department of Safety & Security

The Complex form is used for requests consisting of multiple travel segments and travellers. You will also need to install the Yhe Shockwave player, available for free at the Adobe web site. We received a lot of positive feedback on our presentation of that theme. Length It should take you about hours to complete this self-paced course.

You will find useful information related to individual dield awareness, such as: Comments and questions can be addressed to agora unicef. If you have a different system and are experiencing problems, please find a computer with the above-recommended configuration. I need to prove that I have a security clearance, but I have not received an email notification?

I am pleased tthe inform you that information on the second theme, “Individual awareness”, is available on the SAFE UN portal, accessible through the website of the Security and Safety Service Vienna unsss.