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The Jovian is a heavily modified Mars Class Battlecruiser serving in the Imperial Navy. Built for Battlefleet Bakka, this vessel began its service as a standard. Battlefleet Gothic compendium: Battlefleet Bakka – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Fleet lists and ships for Battlefleet Bakka in Battlefleet Gothic.

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In the end, even if you hate it, the idea is to make sure it’s not so unbalanced that it is cheating or broken if you have to face it as an opponent. Given this it is quite difficult to get a decent amount of ordnance — handily solved to a certain extent by the ease of allying in Adeptus Mechanicus vessels.

A ship may only use the base number of turrets in it’s profile when firing in this manner. The sense of relief was a palpable force aboard the ships of the Realm of Ultramar. Every so often, turbulent flow or a meteorite strike causes fresh magma to burst through the thin skin on the surface of the orange seas and throw incandescent fountains of yellow fire into the sky.

Invincible class battleship Enforcer 1 per 1k Cardinal Other fleets: Finally, constructive criticism is what we are looking for. Contents [ show ]. Log in and join the community. Disagreement is welcome and appreciated. If you want to shell out that many points, you’ve earned those 8 AC in my view.

Could we get it for 80pts if we knocked it down to 4 hitpoints? The Firedagger is a frigate hull equiped with Fleet Defense Turrets, capable of defending nearby ships from ordnance attacks.

Check out the BFG repository page for all the documents we have in work: The list was updated in by the BFG Compendium team. Allow Defiants on a 1 for 1 basis with other cruisers. A black globe bakia and flared into existence over the spot. BaronIveagh on February 02, The number of turrets a ship has for purposes of firring in this manner is not increased by turret massing.


Battlefleet Bakka – Mercury, Dictator, and Dominators

Political rivalry eventually led to outright civil war, the so-called Gareox incident Inquisita Classificationae Purgata Secratalevel sextus. Battlffleet the viper, keep the others. The current battleships that are legit that fit into this are the Apoc and the Oberon both slow, both effective at range the oberon still fits since it has limited LC. Battleleet mars is out, too easy to take launch capacity, but can still be taken as reserves.

Hive Fleet Behemoth had been defeated, but the cost was incalculable. Bakka is a fleet belonging the Big Gun Lobby in the admiralty.

The battle had taken its toll of the combined fleet. The Imperial Navy’s Segmentum headquarters is located in a 15 light-year cuboid known as Sub-sector Bakka, which is located on the main galactic star bkaka that passes through the east of the Segmentum.

Battlefleet Bakka – Mercury, Dictator, and Dominators – EPIC ADDICTION

It’s how this fleet is balanced. Over Imperial Aquilas emblazoned the hologlobe representing Heavy Cruisers, Missile Destroyers, and Battleships, while a singular gold eagle represented the huge Emperor -class Battleship Dominus Astra.

A relatively young world, Bakka was colonised during the Dark Age of Technology by the restless agents of Mankind who claimed it for their own, greedy for its abundant and available mineral wealth. Ironically enough, the belittled little tyrant belongs here. In space, the survivors of the Ultramar fleet easily destroyed the last wave of bio-ships.

Eventually gaining enough political control to influence ship designs. The Victory does not fit because it’s too fast.

Battlefleet Bakka – Lunars and Gothics

Calgar watched in rapt attention as reality rippled before parting like a curtain to reveal the familiar shapes of Imperial warships. It’s your call, and thanks for the help.


A young world, Bakka was colonised during the Dark Age of Technology by the restless agents of Mankind who claimed it for their own, greedy for its abundant and available mineral wealth. On the contrary, the Mercury really fits the concepts of this fleet, very gun-oriented.

It’s unfortunate that battldfleet only allowing BFGm ships, but meh. Please batrlefleet or register. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Turrets can be fired as a weapon in addtion to thier normal rules, in the combat phase, against ord only.

Back again on the Imperium.

As the Tyranids engaged Calgar’s ships, the arms of battleflret cross formed by Lord Admiral Rath’s fleet closed in around them like the jaws of a trap. Later, Battlefleet Bakka engaged in perhaps its most famous battle in history during the First Tyrannic War where their forces arrived in time to aid Macragge against Tyranid invasion. The Bakka fleet list is quite launch bay light for fluff reasons — the Garerox Prerogative being a major ideological split within the fleet with the ordnance crowd losing out to the big-gun admirals.

Perfect for the list, also similar to other Voss. Low amount of attack craft bzkka numbers or, 3. It only loses 1T firepower overall, but it does suffer a heftier arc restriction. The Loyalist force was under the command of Captain Cestus of the Ultramarines. The bxttlefleet of horror from these vessels mirrored those from the polar fortresses on Macragge all too closely.

The goal is to create something that isn’t broken.