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A Rogue Trader is a combination of freelance explorer, conquistador and merchant. They are Imperial servants, given a ship, a crew, a contingent of Marines or. Battlefleet Gothic, Rogue Traders, Sci Fi Spaceships, Warhammer , Science Fiction Art, Rogues, Battle Fleet, Space Marine, Battleship. Sam Bishop. Rogue Trader Fleet – Battlefleet Gothic Battlefleet Gothic, Rogue Traders, Bfg, Game Chaos Despoiler – Battlefleet Gothic Star Ship, Battlefleet Gothic, Bfg.

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I think I have found the purpose that I was lacking so far. They are tailor-made and unique. Having said that, one can assume that a renegade Rogue Trader guilty of heresy or treason will be severely prosecuted by the Inquisition.

Rogue Traders

Such vessels are often gifts to loyal and successful Rogue Traders from the Administratum or retired Imperial Navy ships. Rouge the segmentum fortress for Ultima Segmentum. Retrieved from ” http: In exchange for such a gift however, a Rogue Trader may be called upon to lead an expedition into uncharted space.

All times are UTC Top. I rogur not even see them. Posted September 26, I want to create one with the bits I end up with, and have no idea what it looks like.


Rogue Trader Cruisers gothoc to a variety of vessels operated by Rogue Traders. A Rogue Trader is a combination of freelance explorer, conquistador and merchant. So I got my first 6 cruisers from E-bay.

Alternatively, if Grand Cruisers were implemented they can be used as the Battleship and Battlecruiser slots instead. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an battlwfleet Sign up for a new account in our community. Sign In Don’t have an account? Battlefleet Koronus Cruiser approaches Port Wander.

I present to you, Battlefleet Koronus! Mechanics Rogue Traders Admirals would be able to select ‘Partners’: Battleflet cant tell from the pictures yet.

Over the years it became evident that the ships ggothic to the pointier design were more likely to fall to rebellion flaws in the warp geometries? So, I am willing to trade if others have them to trade.

Rogue Trader | Furnace of Arcana

In exchange the rival simply walks away into a life of adventure and, hopefully, great wealth. Often exhibiting many signs of the Traders own tastes and colonial adventures, they are subject to constant refit and adornment, much of it alien in origin.

I also have a ton of escort vessels as well so expect to see them in the future.


Those ships at least are something a Rogue Trader could realistically acquire. If it’s you bidding against me on the two space marine strike cruisers, stop. These charters are very valuable and give its owner great leeway. Delivery times may vary, especially during peak periods. Some Rogue Traders operate as mercenaries, renting the service of their ship s. Personal tools Log in Request account.


Would I be better off using a drimmel tool to dismantle it? Back to home page Return to top. Sign in for more lists. It uses assets from existing and coming soon races to hopefully minimize the amount of extra artwork necessary.

I am trying to get Battlefleet Gothic minis, preferably prepainted. I thought they were battleships, but not so.

Rogue Trader Fleet – Battlefleet Gothic: Armada

All rights reserved to their respective owners. Here is a question for you: By playerSeptember 25, in Rogue Trader.

I have trying to corner the market on the figs on ebay right now! Still mostly Cruisers and Escorts.