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Juni bei der CSU auf Kritik. Die SPD nennt die CSU “Alpen-Ayatollahs”. Die CSU plant, den Koalitionsausschuss anzurufen. Die Partei hat . Bayernplan Welche Versprechen die CSU gehalten hat – und welche nicht. Sept. Die CSU hat zusätzlich einen eigenen ‘”Bayernplan'” verabschiedet. Hier können Sie sich über das Wahlprogramm informieren. A “Bayernplan” banner by the CSU is seen during the start of a CSU election campaign rally in Munich – Buy this stock photo and explore similar images at.

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Explanation The German political system, internationally revered for its stability, was disrupted by the Bundestag election outcome. Steuern Sie Ihr Zuhause ganz einfach und bequem per Fingertipp. Discrepancies were communicated to parties over several rounds until there was full clarity and authorisation of their final issue positions. Economically the German CDs underline that the Eurozone shall be durably stable without bailout.

The Greens are probably facing the biggest strategic dilemma of all parties. Policy fields Society A large majority of roughly 80 per cent of the Germans say that Germany is a country in which they feel good and safe.

All in all, we can state a quite high degree of continuity in the German CDs positions.

CSU beschließt Aufhängen von Kreuzen in Behörden

This can be traced back to the foundation of the party in Thus, parties in favour of both left- and right-wing policy proposals have a wider ellipse on the left-right axis; parties in favour of both libertarian and authoritarian policy cxu have a lengthier ellipse on the libertarian-libertarian axis.

Traditionally, the public old-age pension scheme is an important and sensitive policy topic in Germany.

Jetzt bei Telekom Sport: As a consequence, chairman Frauke Petry left the party one day after election day, although commentators think that this was mainly a revenge driven move since the party did not make her the top candidate. Within these years bayerjplan lead government in different coalition bayernplann first with the Social democrats, then with the Liberals and then again with the Social democrats. Internal security In order to uphold internal security, the German Christian democrats announce Continuity is most strikingly in the position of the federal chancellor.


Concerning their positions on Europe, German CDs offer a combination of long-standing and new commitments.

This situation could change in the near future, since it is expected that Merkel will resign in the following years and her succession is currently completely open. Inthe party ran a very personalised campaign, putting a focus on its chairman, Christian Lindner, and re-entered the German Bundestag. Basically, education falls into the responsibility of the German states.

Euro-Haushalt: CSU will Koalitionsausschuss anrufen – Politik –

Germany is a reliable partner in the EU and will be in future. How were the graphs created? Since the positions of both wings are almost incompatible and compromises are hard to imagine, it baeyrnplan possible that this internal struggle will result in the departure or even separation of the defeated wing. Analysis by dsu camp. Since the overall economy runs well and the majority of Germans feel satisfied with their life, politics and the institutions of the state, this comes as no surprise.

Ablauf der Bundestagswahl More specifically, the broadness of an ellipsis refers to the spread on the left and right dimension whereas the height is the result of variation on the post material axis.

New and modified issues Changes and advances are to be stated in the fields of internal security, the fight against terrorism, the integration of refugees, the global management of refugee movement and the challenges of a digital world. After a month of negotiations, the FDP walked away from the talks as they perceived that their policy proposals were poorly reflected in the proposed government programme.


In order to reconcile work and family, the CDs promote the right of parents to return to their job position they had before starting a family. Strategy Debates of political parties in Germany November The FDP re-entered the Bundestag after failing to obtain sufficient votes in for the first time in the post-war era.

Angela Merkel is running for the bayernpkan time as federal chancellor. Gotthardtunnel lange gesperrt Iran: For founders the Christian democrats will provide tax breaks. Promotion of families In the past, large efforts have been made by all German governments in order to encourage young people to start a family.

Der Bayernplan 2013-2018, Regierungsprogramm der DSU

In the past, large efforts have been made by all German governments in order to encourage young people to start a bayerrnplan. Yet, in order to balance structural differences between the states and to promote national standards in education the central state relieves the states from high expenditures in the educational infrastructure. General economy Economically the Christian democrats focus primarily on the challenges of a more and more digitalized world.

Labour market policies The German CDs emphasize the need for cwu workers.

They see Europe not only as a community of shared values but also as a defence community that is challenged by different external threats.