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BGI 511-1 PDF

tool: “Fist aid notes” (“Verbandbuch” see BGI • tool: “Report paper – first aid notes ” (“Meldezettel – Erste Hilfe Verbandbuch“). Our directory booklet guarantees the proper documentation of the first aid services in accordance with BGI and includes a preprinted. The Association Book of Holthaus Medical, for businesses, there are 2 different versions – BGI A4 and BGI DIN A5.

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The amount and the composition of first aid material variies according to size and type of first aid kit. For more bhi see the privacy policy. Add to Wishlist View Details. Holthaus Medical tooth rescue Dentosafe, 48 Hour, bgl solution. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. First aid materials – emergency equipment – fist aid kits The selection of first aid materials includes first aid suitcases and bags in different sizes.

Plum eye wash with single or duo eyes essay, pH Neutral. First Aid The range of first aid equipment covers the basic demand of rescue services or ambulances and contains first aid materials and 511- for companies, social institutions or for private use at home or while travelling.

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For this 511-11 growing and developing field of work you Add to Wishlist Out of stock. Do you want to sell products via Kramp as a dealer? Examples of what these are used for are: If you do not want to accept all cookies, you can change this in your settings.

VAT plus shipping costs and if applicable cash on delivery, if not otherwise described. Eye rinsing solutions clean the eyes from irritating substances or foreign matter. These cookies have been placed by Kramp as well as by third parties. Our selection of first aid materials is constantly being expanded. Handling Technology The large range of products found in this section reflects the diversity of transport requirements that need to be met in the day-to-day handling of glass.


VBK Film bag self adhesive. Film bag self adhesive. Automatic login to My Account Analysis of visitor behaviour to improve the website Creation of customer profiles to allow us to provide you with personalised information and ads Accept Cookies. Fittings The name “Bohle” represents glass hardware in all its aspects: Many attractive offers, including first aid kits in different sizes, empty or filled according to international medical standards.

The practical eye wash and emergency departments are in a practical and proof wall mounted, which easily and quickly can be opened in an emergency and first aid case. The Plum rinsing station for larger parts of the body with ml pH neutral rinse is suitable for jobs being worked on with acids and alkali. First aid bags are easy to transport.

Accident book DIN A5 according to BGI 511-1

According to the German Trade Association Rule BGR A1, each case of first aid provided in a company must be documented and the log must be kept for a period of five years. To category Industrial Products. Industrial Products One of the major benefits of carbide steel is that it features a service life which is several times longer than the life of conventional steel wheels. The lockable cabinet Famulus Association of Holthaus Medical, is a 1-door plastic first aid cabinet with 7 compartments and 3 door compartments.

Cookies used for logging in, ordering, analysis and personalised information. You only permit the minimum number of cookies. The first aid kits fulfill the professional demand of ambulances, hospitals or medical practices and are also suitable for private use at home in case of medical emergency situations.

Hot and Cold Compresses are durable, reusable and suitable to aid in the treatment of minor sporting injuries. Suitable refill kits for first aid suitcases are also available in different sizes. This small first aid bag is ideal for travelling, leisure activities, holidays and sports.


Repair glazing and restoration work will continue to be important in the future, too.

The MOUSTIClick first aid for insect bites, is small, helps mosquito, wasp and bee stings by piezoelectricity and is also suitable for children.

This begins with cutting, assembly of panes and windows as well as the required measuring techniques and includes lead and brass glazing.

Bandage book is required – Gramm Medical

Contact Contact Find a dealer Social media. All available suitcases and bags, as well as the corresponding refill packs include different collections of plasters, bandages and other first aid materials. This is possible when you are affiliated with a dealer in your area. Besides first aid suitcases, we are also offering handy first aid bags as travelling equipment as well as resuscitator bags, inhalation masks and other equipment.

Go Back Accept Cookies. The range of first aid equipment covers the basic demand of rescue services or ambulances and contains first aid materials and kits for companies, social institutions or for private use at home or while travelling. A similar development can be seen with PCD polycristalline diamond. The childrens blanket of Noba, size xcm, is made of metallised foil and serves as an protection from cold, heat, rain and wind.

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