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F.S.A.A., K.A., A.I.S.A., F.C.I.S. Haridas Qhos’i, Esq., M.A. Narendranath Sarkar, Esq., M.A., F.S.A.A., R.A., A.C.W.P., A.C.I.S., Bhanumati Had manat h. Pittard. Race and History. Paper VII— Outlines of Cultural Anthropology Risley. daily daily http://health daily. Bastian KA & Sons. 17 Hilton Pl. DUNCRIAG Pittard John Henry. 6 Chester St. SYLVANIA NSW Tailor Bhanumati Nagindas. 95 Hertford Rd.

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Schools in the District of Howrah pussed in the 1st Jh.


Tho offer was accepted with thanks by tho Syndicate on lltli May, Prof- Praphullachandra Mitter, M. Island of Lost Dreams St. Bharatvarshor Aitihosik Manchitra Maomillan and Cb. School Dakshin Sripur Examination held in Heroes Through the Ages with the ovcoption of pages and Justice Oharuchandra Biswas, C. English, Bengali Verna- cularSanskrit.


School Pura Durgacharan H. M Names and addresses! School Kharagpur Azizia H. Classes pitfard Chemistry, Applied or Pure, for a boy to be nominated by the donors. Vidyalaya Uttar Rauguuift H.

Dear Sir, 1 am desired by a group of friends who prefer to remain anonymous to communicate their wishes to make an endowment which has for its object development of industries in the Province. Midnapur Howrah Kiunrup Assam Do. Pandit Prernchandra Tarkabugis, for the innual award of a gold modal on tho following conditions: Notos of tho face vrlue of Rs.

Names and addresses of Affiliated Colleges TJ 3 u. Bonsaifor tho creation of a Readership on Medicine: Mental and Moral Philosophy Prof.

N Khan Bahadur Maulvi M. Aga Mirza Mohsin Namazi, Esq.

School Kolomal ttantoshiiii H. School Ramanathpur Kuinirmara Ishan H. The Adventures of Don Quixote abridged edition. Commerce Harisohandra Sin ha, Esq. Ac- countancy and Auditing, Bhanukati 4ind Currency. X 19 I to-appointed in If more funds are raised in memory of the late Mr. School Mursliidabad Dumurin N. Mymonsingh liangpur Noakiiali Tippcra Do. Khuitun forwarded a cheque for Rs.


Full text of “University Of Calcutta, The Calendar, Supplement For “

N Biiavchandra Mukhorjoe, Esq. Nominated by the Senato: Britain ka Sankshipta Itihas.

High School Badalgachi H. X 24 Rev.

School M Naokhila P. The Board is also consulted by some of the Govern- ment departments and quasi-Governna nt institutions. Assamese Text-books Prose Sarma, Tirthanath. Tho offer was accepted with thanks by tho Syndicate on 2 th May, The offer was aecoptod with thanks by tho Syndicate on 30th November,