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The forest dweller, Yhalen is captured by ogres, and surviving their viciousness, he is given to Bloodraven, the half ogre, half human war leader. The forest dweller, Yhalen is captured by ogres, and surviving their viciousness, he is given to Bloodraven, the half ogre, half human war leader as a slave. A son of a forest dwelling people, Yhalen knows little of the world outside the ancestral forest, until he is captured by a band of ogres on a.

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Loved this book and the art that goes with it. No sympathy from me. I’ve read PL Nunn’s fiction for years, but the level of brutality in this story still caught me off guard. Though the Stockholm syndrome is certainly at play, the love that emerges is very real and extremely hot. It is epic in its sagadom. This had high ratings, and while knowing it was going to be a brutal story, I decided to try it out.

Jun 08, Susan rated it really liked it Shelves: Where did she come from? The Ogres are a fascinating species. I could have kept reading and reading about this world and was sad when it ended.

And this is me reading it again. Just a little Get Backers experimental fiction to get a bloodrzven for the characters. I knew what I was getting into, having read some spoilerific reviews but it was still. Probably not so much for those who are looking for an intense romantic relationship. It is epic in size and scope. View all 5 comments.


Jason Henry on Feb.

Pam has been one of my favorite authors for more years than either of us want to count How does this content violate the Lulu Membership Agreement? They respect strength and they go for what they want and need with that being about it.


This book gripped me in a way that very few books can manage. He is taken and given to a smaller ogre who has more human features. Add to Your books. There p.l.njnn no reviews for previous versions of this product.

That can be damned dangerous if your lung fails to reinflate. If you haven’t already, buy it! But a brutal race, the Ogres, came down from the mountain and take with them destruction and death.

Bloodraven – Graphic Novel

This is a graphic novel. A frightening face all the same, with eyes that were cold and intelligent and assesing. It’s not fantastic or evocative prose, but this story does manage to do what popular p.l.ninn must: It was fairly quick and like I said It can be slow reading, the plot tends to lag in parts, and transitions are sometimes a bit clumsy.


Refresh and try again.

Bloodraven by P.L. Nunn – FictionDB

The fantasy world is interesting, not like anything else I’ve encountered. Nunn, despite the disgust I have with the portrayal of subject matter and the massive amount of grammar errors typical for self-publishinghas a good sense of pacing and knows .pl.nunn to keep a story moving without getting bogged down in exposition or flowery prose.

Tidus returns from p.l.unnn farplane and finds himself in a new world of trouble. Yhalen is captured and tortured by Ogres. Dynasty of Ghosts By P. Extraordinarily sexy, moving, and over the top.

I hope Elvardo put a smackdown on that bitch, fo’ sho’. It seemed like all three races lived in this world and we get to know them separately but I never felt like they had any encounters before this story. Full review at http: It was the witch Elvardo and the separation near the end that made me like this just a little less.

This wasn’t an easy road for Yhalen and Bloodraven. The story like many high fantasies involves a few different people gy with human being just one of them.