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Bluecoats The quintessential “modern” drum break in my opinion. And while technically not DCI, this is the most insane quad break. I actually really like the drum break in Cadets closer. . BD 97 (tenor solo was nuts) cavies , bluecoats , blue knights I’m wanting to create a video of the “Top 10” Drum Breaks since , Cadets , Bluecoats , Cavaliers , and Phantom

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And the money shot. Can’t go wrong with Vanguard and Cadets durm SpaceJam Offline ramming notes. I actually really like the drum break in Cadets closer.

Best drum breaks? : drumcorps

Fixed the link to “III. Cadets mad vocabulary and unique composition: And that fucking aggressive drumline.

Also, bluecooats future reference, please post anything submitted here in this blyecoats That means show titles, repertoire, rehearsal videos, etc. Awesome groove to it, fantastic drill, really cool visuals in hornline and drumline, and so.

Sun May 10, 7: Was the hornline at a technical level on par with Star? Want to add to the discussion? The way it flows just adds to the high energy of that show. Ah hell Madison were just bad ass. BD 97 tenor solo was nuts caviesbluecoatsblue knights love the pipe drumming it was cool Madison 97 with the sword fight on the cymbal rack.


Maybe not, but it all gelled well enough to create a show with some truly beautiful moments. What are your favorites? This will be in my head until the day I die. Log in or sign up in seconds. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

Go ahead and post it here. Rhythm and Coda Also, it might be a good idea to order the OP by date as well as performing group. I have the original State of the Art recording before the brass was cut. Submit a new text post.

These types of questions belong in the hands of medical professionals and corps staff. Nope, the book was hard but they did not play super well.

Posted May 9, Please refrain from asking the community about one’s ability to march with any given medical complication. Want to add to the discussion? I miss the non-Yea! Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. So please, give the year, the corps, and the reasoning. Posted May 9, edited. Spencersnare Offline ramming notes. All personal fundraising pages will be removed. Mon May 11, D Thanks Btw, my ideas are Cavaliers Gotta love that drill!


Rrum don’t see why not. Mon May 11, 3: Sign up for a new account in our community. We spent the vast majority of the time touring along side Crossmen in Continued harassment will result in being banned.


That means show titles, repertoire, rehearsal videos, etc. No flamebait or personal attacks. The whole corps was bluecosts really interesting mix. Their presence of authority is slowly returning.