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Bobrick B 25 Sanitary Napkin Vendor. This unit has been discontinued in favor of the new ADA compliant B 25, B 25 or the B door-swing limiter and two tumbler locks keyed like other Bobrick washroom recessed depth. B SERIES. ❑ Model BC. Free no-coin operation. DISCONTINUED – Bobrick recessed napkin/tampon vendor B

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Turn on more accessible mode. If change of coin denomination is desired after installation, order Bobrick Coin Plate Replacement Kit for the desired coinage. Martin French part St. Supporting documents, material and links for Bobrick products.

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Front of door has same degree of arc as other Bobrick Contura Series washroom accessories. Equipped with a stainless steel cable door-swing limiter and two flush tumbler locks keyed like other Bobrick washroom accessories.


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Radius on corners and return edges complement corners and edges of door. Thumb File information Vendor Substition B-35000. X Register Account If you already have an account with us, please login at the login form. You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server. Drawn, one-piece, seamless construction. Ensure coin box round … http: Ensure coin box round ….

Bobrick B 25 Sanitary Napkin Vendor

Site Actions This page location is: Box Coin Box Lock Fig. Turn off more accessible mode. Solid Color Bibrick Composite: A confirmation has been sent to the provided e-mail address. Your Account Has Been Created! Radius on corners and edges of door match other Contura Series accessories. To navigate through the Ribbon, use standard browser navigation keys.


To activate a command, use Bpbrick. Door has no brand-name advertising for products dispensed. Secured to cabinet with a full-length stainless steel piano-hinge.

HTML is not translated! Coinage is designated by symbols on metal plate, which can be changed only from inside the door. Login Create an account. Product Spec Compiler Select, compile and download from our product specifications library.

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