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Boudica: Dreaming the Eagle (Boudica Quadrilogy (Paperback)) (Boudica Trilogy) [Manda Scott] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. First in Manda Scott’s Boudica: Dreaming series. Druids and dreamers, warriors and hunters, round houses, horses and hounds. And then the Romans invade. Scottish writer Scott has already turned out three crime novels, but this is her debut historical fiction, the first in an ambitious trilogy about the life of Boudica, the.

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Although I really enjoy books about Britain and their battles to free themselves from ancient Rome’s rule, this book was very hard to get into and I did not enjoy it. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Some beautiful descriptive writing but in the end I simply didn’t care if anyone lived or died, I positively hoped the Romans would come and build hydrocausts all over their animistic mother worshipping faces. It is beautifully done though, and I’d absolutely recommend it. Obviously, Scott’s experiences and knowledge as a veterinarian-not to mention extensive research-add a whole new dimension to her This is a wonderful scottt the foundation for the saga that comes next.

The Best Books of This story takes forever to get even mmanda interesting and I found I had to force myself to mandz reading until the end of chapters. Breaca’s tribe, the Eceni, had both men and women as warriors, healers and elders. The romances were a nice break from the mayhem and were more fluid, open and not necessarily heterosexual.

After reading pages of reviews, I felt like this book was going to complete my life. Her real name is Breaca but later becomes known as Boudica – She who brings Victory. Retrieved 6 January Dec 08, Sotiris Karaiskos rated it liked it Shelves: We also follow her half-brother Bboudica, captured and sold into slavery by a traitor of the tribe of the Trinovantes, who, bouvica all his kin including Boudica here named Breaca for the early part of her life killed in the mandaa in which he was taken, has given his allegiance to the Romans who gave him back his freedom.


If the first half was a little slow, the second half improved on that; it felt like the story was getting its footing, and finally building toward what had been hinted at from the beginning.

Dreaming the serpent spear, by Manda Scott”. Return to Book Page.

Boudica: Dreaming the Eagle | Manda Scott

I don’t need non-stop action to keep my interest but I need something. It is historically extensive and creatively written. Maybe Breaca is too splendid, but then heroes are. I have read the mznda series. I’m very impressed by the level of detail in the research.

Boudica Series

Definitely not a boudic old retelling of a legend, this novel is beautifully written and lovingly told, filled with drama and passion. Wow what an intense and graphically defined journey into the life of a Celtic Queen called Boudica. Feminist, spiritual ‘in tune with mother nature’ noble savages vs.

The Boudica series justifiably deserves all the accolades it’s won. Long on meticulous detail and religious spells, and short on suspense and battle action, this lengthy volume runs from A. This time I wanted to give history a shot and chose a topic I thought I might enjoy – the most badass queen that janda lived. May 11, Graham Crawford rated it really liked it. The story is followed, as far as it is known, in terms of history – the known facts are scant.

Manda Scott – Wikipedia

And who can we trust when everything we think we knew is wrong? Scottish writer Scott has already turned out three crime novels, but this is her debut historical fiction, the first in an ambitious trilogy about the life of Boudica, the warrior queen of Britannia who fought the Romans in the first century A. In Britannia, Aulus Plautius David Morrissey knows that to defeat the tribes of Britannia, you need to kill their gods.

Nov 21, Christina rated it it was ok. I already cared about the characters-some of them animals-refreshing and new to me. Overall, a solid start to the series! I am enjoying this series more than the “Rome” series. One of my favorite series. Rooted in the pre-Roman world of ancient Britain – and the Britannia it became – the novels ‘give us back our own history’, [5] exploring the worlds of druids called dreamers in the book and portrayed as shamanswarriors and the Roman occupation that, in Scott’s eyes, destroyed a once-great civilisation.


The characters were like shapeless ghosts that I never got to know. I loved Caradoc and kept waiting for him and Breaca to get together but it doesn’t happen until the end of the book. She has packed too much. He eventually escapes and becomes a Roman soldier given a roman name “Julius Valerius Corvus”.

She is the last defender of the Celtic culture in Britain; the only woman openly to lead her warriors into battle and to stand successfully against the might of Imperial Rome—and triumph. Dreaming the Eagle is full of brilliantly realised, luminous scenes as the narrative sweeps effortlessly from the epic — where battle scenes are huge, bloody, and action-packed — to the intimate.

Dreaming the Eagle

I dedicated an hour to searching forums and sites that hadn’t been updated sinceand I found “Dreaming the Eagle. Preview — Dreaming the Eagle by Manda Scott. This book was a HUGE disappointment.

Also just boring, I couldn’t handle another chapter of her childhood tribal life, and one quarter through I couldn’t really motivate myself to pick this one up anymore. In this book the battle scene at the end was drawn out just a bit too much for me – I am not a believer in blow by bloody blow descriptions of flanking maneuvers although entire genres of military fiction are grounded in this type of detail.

Oct 27, Jackie rated it it was amazing Shelves: Actually, that sounds weird, so forget I just said that.

I did enjoy, for instance, the description of a Roman villa with its atrocious ideas of home decor, a mermaid with gilt tits or similar.