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“The censorship list is published quarterly in the magazine ‘BPjM-aktuell’ which can be read in any major library in Germany,” wrote Drake. That sublists are quarterly published in the magazine “BPjM-aktuell” which On the BPjM list there is a – the. BPJM-Aktuell 3 (): 11– Olson, Cheryl K. “Video Game Politics: An Update ,” , available at

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Entries prior to April 1, Export of the data are bjpm through use of excel. In the event that the material or legal situation changes, the rightsholders for an indexed work can apply for the proceedings to be akturll under Article 51 of the Verwaltungsverfahrengesetz the Administrative Proceedings Law with the aim of removing the work from the list. This page was last edited on 14 Decemberat Case22 Jul I’m amazed that anyone can still come to the conclusion that when faced with a large number of things you are concerned about people seeing, the first step is to put them all in a big list.

The first session deciding upon applications requesting the indexing of materials took place on July 9, Games that have been given a rating by this organisation can no longer be put on the index.

So most lists and blockades around the aktull fit within the following: The Stasi Played Along”. As in the courts, transcripts of the hearing are bpjm aktuell published, but the written reasons for a decision can also be requested by those not involved in the proceedings.

Media that are “immoral, brutalizing, or which provoke violence, crime or racial hatred ” are named as examples of this.

Nonetheless, there are numerous lists available on the Internet that reveal which media has been indexed or confiscated. Bpjm aktuell the collaboration decides to add this functionality, this will require more resources and time in organizing and documentation.


Since it seems to only just provide a thin veil of false security for youth protection, it leeds to a disproportionate factual restriction of adults’ freedom of information. But you also have to know that Germans aren’t first amendment maximalists.

German Government Tries To Censor Publication Of Its List Of Censored Websites | Techdirt

This un-hashed list was posted to the user’s Neocities blog, along with some analysis of the blacklist’s contents and a rundown on the atkuell protective efforts used for the list.

Test drive our new responsive design! That being said, I think my answer to 18 gives my perspective on this and what I took issue with in the article. But the Council deciding over indexing stuff is made up of bjm that usually don’t hold government jobs there are mandates as to the configuration: The List of Media Harmful to Young People colloquially known as the Index is published only for physical media those whose content is stored as an object rather than virtually.

Getting into full “ZOMFG, my national sovereignty” mode over something that simply reading the article would have cleared up. The BPjM sees it as its responsibility to use the decision to index works harmful to young people in order to raise awareness that there is content which is unsuitable and damaging for children and minors.


By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. And, as was pointed out by the person researching the list, much of what’s in the list is out of date i.

The nature of the BPjM’ s judgements aktudll altered over the decades a,tuell been modified in accordance with changing public opinion. John Fenderson profile22 Jul 9: My major issue was that the article was written in a way that suggests: After a popular movie has been removed from the index, there is usually a label that has it re-rated by the FSK which does not rate indexed movies.


The correct URLs without the trailing slashes won’t match the hash and are not blocked. However, the presiding officer can allow third parties to attend the hearing.

We’re talking about something imposed on businesses by the government.


The BPjM has drawn criticism for de facto censorshippaternalismand restricting the freedom of speech and of the press on the following grounds:. One reason for this is the legal uncertainty as to whether a critical discussion of an indexed work is legally permissible or whether it infringes the advertising ban. Indexing is not the only mechanism in use in Germany by which broader circulation of certain media works is prevented. It survives, for now, at the Internet Archive. For a country so ruddy scared of anyone hearkening back to the “good ol’ days” of the tyrannical Nazi regime to the point you can’t even have swastikas in a game about killing said Nazisthey sure don’t have a problem acting tyrannical, don’t they?

All indexed virtual works, which potentially have content whose distribution is prohibited under the Strafgesetzbuch. Secondly, that the individuals making the decisions aren’t government employees doesn’t factor into whether or not this is governmental action.