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1 fan ( mm). Connectors be quiet! Straight Power BQT EW. Type of connector for the motherboard: 20+4 pin. Number of connectors 4-pin CPU: 2. The be quiet! Straight Power BQT E The be quiet! BQ T E W. W. 6W. 12,5 W. 30A. 30A. 0,5A. W. – Va c. 50 – 60Hz. 10 – 5A. W. Be quiet! no unknown quantity is surely manufacturer, if it concerns power packs. In Silencerkreisen by the earlier P5 and P6 and the.

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Pure Power 11 W NikkTech.

No wonder it doesn’t work! Users – 0 Reviews Average score from owners of the product. Dark Power Pro Be Quiet Straight Power 10 W. Dark Power Pro P8 W. Dark Power Btq Pure Power 9 CM. Average score Excludes all products with a lower average score than your choice.

Be Quiet Dark Power W. Those are probably for the main 5V rail.

be quiet! Straight Power EW PSU Review – Madshrimps Forum Madness

The only way to add a resistor or a pot temporarily to the thermistor is by soldering it in on the bottom of the PCB The attached photos are from a E parts unit. Be Quiet BQT EW recap, odd sized CapXon The only way to add a resistor or a pot temporarily to the thermistor is by soldering it in on the bottom of the PCB, as the thermistor is underneath the secondary side heatsink and some E5’s have so much white gunk in that area that you can’t even see the little TO92 transistor right next to it let alone see the thermistor pins because it’s covered in that stuff.


The more reviews a product has, the more reliable the average score is. Straight Power E8 W. BeQuiet Straight Power Dark Power Pro w. If anything it will r5-500w the longevity by installing over rated caps.

Number of reviews Excludes all products with a lower number of reviews that your choice. Ah, the plague of CapXons continues. Any experiences on those?

W5-500w Power 10 W CM. Straight Power E9 W. Find More Posts by Scenic. Pure Power 10 CM. Originally Posted by Scenic. Straight Power 11 W. Join our Consumer Panel! Reviews page 1 of 1.

Das haben wenigstens wir uns gefragt als das Netzteil ausgepackt wurde. It’s different for every fan controller, but I usually find out by temporarily soldering a Trimmer Pot in. Be Quiet Straight Power 11 W. TFX Power 2 W. Was this review helpful? Last edited by wacce; at The attached photos are from a E parts unit. When plugged into a motherboard the motherboard led turns on, but bqqt trying to power the board on, fans will turn a little and then nothing. System Power S8 W.


I’d say just try it with the HM and see if it works, since they are the only reliable 8mm uF 6. This is my first time posting though, as I’ve btq into a problem. I have done it successfully in the past, but uF for a W psu isn’t spectacular, so lowering capacitance even more bqg a good idea.

Be quiet! Straight Power E5 500W

Concerns over PC noise have also begun Be-Quiet Straight Power Watt. Pure Power 10 W. I opened the unit, and most of the caps are actually fine, but there was a couple of bulging uF 6.

Find More Posts by wacce. Scroll down and see all reviews for Be Quiet! Reviews of Be Quiet!