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Giuseppe Verdi: Fantasy on “La Traviata” (arranged by: Gamzou, Krakamp, Briccialdi). Subtitle: based on the Fantasies by Emanuele Krakamp and Giulio. Giuseppe Verdi: Fantasy on “La Traviata” (arranged by: Gamzou, Krakamp, Briccialdi) Subtitle: after the Fantasies by Emanuele Krakamp and Giulio Briccialdi. Raffaele Trevisani and Paola Girardi join together in performances of Giulio Briccialdi’s fantasies on seven of Verdi’s finest operas: Il Trovatore, La Traviata, Aida.

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Introduction Agostina Zecca Laterza 2. After all, our imagination should be the only limit.

Fantasy on ‘La Traviata’

The bricciqldi with piano also serves as the piano reduction of Yoel Gamzou’s orchestral version. The new Magic Flute 2 with CD. Fantasy on “La Traviata” for flute and piano.

The Flute Collection is my contribution to this search. The latter included their fantasies on themes from Giuseppe Verdi’s La Traviata. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. You will regularly receive information about new scores with free downloads, current prize games and news about our composers. As the works were published, the inventory numbers became the plate numbers.

They contain 43, entries. We musicians are always on the lookout for new sounds and interesting repertoire that give our instrument briccisldi unmistakable profile. Date of the censorship office.

Works Shop Items Performances. The present edition of the Fantasy on La Traviata for flute and piano also serves as the piano score of Yoel Gamzou’s orchestral version that is published by Universal Edition.


For the works never published, foreign works, or those published by publishing houses acquired over time, the numbers of the numerical catalogue are only editorial numbers, and only rarely became plate numbers. Die vorliegende Klavierfassung dient auch als Klavierauszug zur Orchesterfassung von Yoel Gamzou, die ebenfalls in der Universal Edition erschienen ist.

Yoel Gamzou has combined both arrangements to create the orchestral version of the Fantasy on La Traviata that is also published by Universal Edition. Sign up for our newsletter! Both were also composers and produced numerous compositions of their own as well as arrangements of famous works by their contemporaries. The two volumes of the catalogue, an important bibliographic resource for the history of music and music publishing from to in Italy and Europe, are here made available online.

This online version may be consulted easily by catalogue number, by author, by the title of the composition, and by the date of publication or acquisition by the editor Ricordi. Many publications also received an impressed and raised seal when sold, and so those dates differ from, and may be many years after, the date of publication; C – Date of the censorship office. This indicates the year and month of the appearance of the announcement of the publication; H – Hofmeister Date.

Giulio Briccialdi: Virtuoso Flute Music – Dynamic: CDS – CD or download | Presto Classical

Previous Product Taffanel Claude-Paul: Librone I – riporta i numeri di catalogo da 1 a Librone II – brivcialdi i numeri di catalogo da a Librone III – riporta i numeri di catalogo da a Librone IV – riporta i numeri di catalogo da a Librone VI – riporta i numeri di catalogo da a Raccolta di motivi fav.


VAT plus shipping costs. In addition, the prices of the works published by Ricordi, or at least available for sale, also are listed.

To be able to use Universal Edition in full range, we recommend activating Javascript in your browser. The Flute Collection Grade: All the works acquired by the company, founded by Giovanni Ricordi inare present in numerical order roughly corresponding to chronological order. Of all the publications acquired from other editors, Ricordi might have had: Volume 1 Volume 2.

Emmanuel Pahud Vienna, April The certain date of publication derived from the list of works deposited at the Censorship Office of Milan and from the register of works published in Naples, which is deposited at the San Pietro a Majella Conservatory in Naples ; G – Date of the Gazzetta Musicale di Milano. This edition of the Traviata Fantasy for flute and piano is based on two popular arrangements by the famous Italian flautists Emanuele Krakamp – and Giulio Briccialdi – Consisting in the assembly of the supplements to the catalogue released in a progressively numbered series beginning with number