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Operation Barbarossa was the code name for the German invasion of the Soviet Union during World War II. Launched on June 22, , it was just the. I have recently resigned my “real job” in order to fully concentrate on the new generation of Brickmania kits and instructions. With a family to. Hello! I’m looking to trade for Brickmania Instructions. I’ll trade for anything, but here are my preferred models I’m looking for: Mark A.

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I think you’re totally right in asking people to follow those guidelines, and I hope things will solve soon.

I control the copyright on all Brickmania instructions, kit packaging, website and all images contained therein. For more information please see our Shipping Conditions.

After seeing this earlier today I went to your site and downloaded the instructions to “Salty Anchor Tavern” so thank you once again. Sign in Already have an account?

You can appeal to the community to purchase only from you which may work, and which it seems you are doingyou can ask others nicely to not resell the kits once they’ve purchased it from you and refuse to continue to sell to known offenders though that actually is not legal in all juristictions, so ask a lawyer!

I’d like to clarify that I’m not in support of the guy who buys your kit, and makes copies of your instructions and resells it. The only way to stop it is to expose it, so thank you for posting this. I have seem them on line too I have also seen others claiming some of your work as there own.

My humble advice, if you will hear it, is to pay attention to the market. Instructions in insturctions volume are: That’s not only against the law, but I find such actions to be morally reprehensible.


I’ve seen a lot of that going on with custom decals and most recently, people stealing pictures of entire MOCs to claim as their own in contests. That’s probably legal or situated squarely in a gray area, but not morally brickkmania. If there is anything we can do to help out, let us know. Perhaps put in added-value items, such as putting the instructions on paper in a book, or offer decals with the instructions or whatnot.

Sorry to hear that this is happening iinstructions you where actually one of the Lego heros of my childhood. It seems from what you’ve said that you are encountering people who’ve purchased your product and are trying to resell it again.

Operation Barbarossa – Building Instructions

It’s sad brickmnaia hear what is happening to you, brickmania. Once someone buys my kit they are free to resell it on eBay, donate it to a museum, break it up for parts, toss it in the trash or whatever they like. There is such a thing as doctrine of first sale, which states that if somebody’s purchased a set from you, they are also allowed to resell it. Permission is granted to make a backup or printout of my instructions for personal insturctions only.

While I appreciate that my models and name have become marketable items, I do not appreciate that other people are using them to make money without sending me royalties, let alone bothering to ask my permission.

T34-85 85mm Tank – Building instructions

This will probably drive you out of business quite quickly. It is unfortunate that people are buying from these 3rd or 4th parties, rather than you. There really isnt a huge amount of financial rewards for what I’m doing so must speak out to defend what little return I actually have coming to me. I’d suggest you start with the kits you’ve discontinued and are still in demand, but such business decisions are up to you. It really is a shame to see this happening and good luck.


The thing is, people are selling Lego instructions on Bricklink, sometimes not even the original but a scanned version, and people are likewise selling used Lego sets. In other words it is not OK to use my instructions.

Brickmania building instructions

If the market demands for instructions, I would advise that you sell instructions separate from the kits. An absolutely ridiculous situation. Thanks for the clarification, brickmania, and thanks for not taking my comments the wrong way. Thanks for all the kind words.

However, what I’m saying is that once the kit and instructions leave your istructions, you no longer have a say in what happens to those items. Printed on heavy-weight glossy paper and has a special lay-flat spiral wire binding Also included is a vinyl sticker sheet with vehicle insignia and uniforms for 20 figures Each model includes both visual and text parts lists to help locate all of the parts needed to build your model Beautiful full-color photographs throughout the book, filled with ideas for displaying your models For this Set additional shipping costs will apply.

Sadly there are some people are manufacturing their own versions of my models and copying my instructions for resale. Every time I saw that “designed by a fan” tag brickania I thought about how cool that would be if it happened to me. The affairs on Lego Universe are troubling enough as it were, but I would expect community members and fans of MOCs to behave better.