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Free delivery and returns on eligible orders. Buy Brondi Walkie Talkie Fx Twin Silver at Amazon UK. FX-4 Twin PMR Private mobile radio Instruction manual – English Antenna LCD Screen – Displays the current channel selection and other radio symbols. Brondi FX Professional Twin Walkie Talkies / Two Way Radios PMR | Mobile Phones & Communication, Radio Communication Equipment, Walkie.

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Changes from 1 to 8 as selected by the user. Changes from 1 to 38 as selected by the user. Displays the Battery change level.

When the bars are reduced, the battery needs recharging. TX Displayed when transmitting a signal. RX Displayed when receiving a signal. Displayed when the Key Lock feature is activated. Displays the current Speaker volume level. Displays when the call signal is ON. Displays when the vibrator function is activated.

Manual – Brondi FX Professional Walkie-talkie

Pull the Belt Clip latch forward away from the FX b. Belt Clip latch 2. Slide the Belt Clip into the slot as shown in Figure2. Observe the proper battery polarity orientation when installing vx-400.

Incorrect positioning can damage both the batteries and the unit. Pull up the battery cover latch, Lift up Battery Compartment Cover. Install the rechargeable batteries by following the orientation as shown in Figure 3 the arrow is showing and pointing upward.

Replace the Battery Compartment Cover. Important Read these Safety Warnings before you charge the batteries. When placing the FX in the charger, use only the rechargeable batteries supplied with the FX Make sure the battery compartment cover is securely locked in place when you are charging the batteries.

Dispose of used batteries safely and in a brondj that will dx-400 harm the environment- never try to burn them or put them anywhere, they could get bronddi or punctured. They might leak if you do. Switch ON the main socket. It takes about 10 hours to fully recharge the batteries if they are completely run down.

New batteries take up to 14 hours to fully charge. Insert the small plug on the end of the mains adaptor into the Power-in Connection Jack at the back of the desktop charger.

The FX must be charged using the mains adaptor provided. Place the FX units in the charge cradle in an upright position and facing outward. The Charge LED indicators will light up.

Main socket Insert the round connector of the 9. Always turn off the PMR units when charging. This will shorten the charging time. Then switch ON the main socket. During PMR direct charging mode, the unit gx-400 and receive is disabled. It appears like a battery with three bars inside. These indicate the amount of power available.


When the battery level reaches it minimum level in Fc-400 on mode, unit will emit two beep tones and automatically the power will turn off. The FX can detect the battery charge in 4 levels; Battery charge at high level.

Battery charge at medium level. Battery charge at low level. At this level Important: Charge the unit for hours. Battery charge at very low level. When the battery level reach it minimum level in FX on mode, unit will emit two beep tones and automatically the power will turn off.

Battery life The FX has a built in power saver feature to make the batteries last longer. But when you are not using the units, turn them OFF to conserve battery power. It should be longest up to about 8km in wide open spaces, without obstructions such as hills fxx-400 buildings.

If you do, you may experience interference. Important safety warning To reduce radio frequency exposure when you are using your FX, hold the unit at least 5cm 2 inches away from your face. Never use your FX outdoors during a thunderstorm.

If your FX ever gets wet, turn it off and remove he battery. Dry the battery compartment and leave the cover off for a few hours. Keep the FX out of the reach of babies and young children. To switch OFF; b. You can hear a musical tone each time to confirm.

You can change the volume bgondi using your FX, or while the unit is idle switched on but not in use.

Brondi fx 400 twin

The channel changes from 1 to 8, or vice versa. Press the PTT button to confirm the channel setting. If you have set the sub-channel, you brondo only communicate with other PMR users turned to the same channel and sub-channel. Press the PTT button to confirm the sub-channel setting. To bronvi the sub-channel function off, simply set the subchannel to 0 zero.

You can communicate with any FX user set to the same channel who also turns off the sub-channel operation or whose FX unit does not have the feature. Each channel also has 83 digital codes to let you set up group of users for more secured private communication. Press the menu button 3 times. The FX is an open-license band. Always identity yourself when transmitting brpndi the same channel. Transmitting sending a speech a. Press and hold the PTT push to talk button to transmit your voice.

Hold bronxi unit in a vertical position with the MIC Microphone 5 cm away from the mouth. Release the PTT button when you have finished transmitting. Your FX will pick up signals on the current channel, including background noise. Press the PTT button to stop the channel monitoring.

BRONDI FX-400 Manuals

The unit will transmit further for 2 seconds even if you stop broni. At the highest level, the units will pickup softer noise including background noise ; at the lowest level, it will pick bdondi only quite loud noise.


Press the PTT button to confirm your setting. VOX operation is not recommended if the FX will be used in a noisy or windy environment.

Press the MENU button 5 times b. Press the UP or DOWN button to begin scanning channels dx-400 an active signal is detected, channel scan pauses on the active channel.

Any other units within the transmitting range and turned to the same channel and sub-channel if applicable will hear the Call-ring tone. A respective Call- Ring tone sound will be played when changing from one tone to another. This alerts the receiving party to inform that you have intentionally ended the transmission, and you are now in receive mode. If the unit detects a signal on either channel, it will stop and receive the signal.

Press the PTT button to exit. If a damaged antenna comes in contact with the skin, a fc-400 burn may result.

The material may complete an electrical circuit short circuit and become quite hot. Exercise care in handling any charged battery, particularly when placing it inside a pocket, purse, or other container with metal objects. Air bags inflate with great force. If a FX is placed in the air bag deployment area and the air bag inflates, the FX may be propelled with great force and cause serious injury to the occupants of the vehicle.

Potentially Explosive Atmospheres Turn your FX OFF when in any area with a potentially explosive atmosphere, unless it is a type especially qualified for such use for example, Factory Mutual Approved. Sparks in such areas could cause an explosion or fire resulting in injury or even death. Batteries Do not replace or charge batteries in a potentially explosive atmosphere. Contact sparking may occur while installing or removing batteries and cause an explosion.

Areas with potentially explosive atmospheres are often, but not always clearly marked. They include fueling areas such as below deck on boats; fuel or chemical bondi or storage facilities; areas where the air contains chemicals or particles, such as grain, dust, or metal powders; and any other area where you would normally be advised to turn off your vehicle engine. Cleaning and Care To clean your FX, use a soft cloth dampened with water.

Do not use cleaners or solvent, which brkndi cause damage that may not be covered by guarantee. You can request the complete original Declaration of Conformity by sending an email to info brondi.

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