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Interactively from the BRGUI graphical interface or the BRTOOLS character interface. · Directly from the command line using the relevant BR*Tools options. SAP Database Administration Using BRTOOLS SAP provides a number of tools to administer the underlying Oracle Database. The combined group of tools is. 1) SAP delivers the “BR*Tools” to provide an interactive Oracle database administration tools 3) Different between BR*Tools and BRTOOLS.

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You can force the tool to run in batch mode without any interactive component by entering the option —c force. Improvements to handling of database statistics.

For quick mode, you must specify at least the function and the object name. Reorganizing table can also be used to improve database structure, transform dictionary managed to locally managed tablespace, merge data in tablespace from many small files into larger files and perform segments defragmentation.

This will make you unable to run some commands from SAP. Why do we need to reorganize table in SAP system? Run this command using root user to update authorization needed for running brtools: They jump directly to the final input menu to let you enter the remaining required parameters and execute the function immediately.

This is the command to change password of Oracle Database User: If you do not enter the class of the information to be displayed, you see a menu displaying the different categories of information class: Here is the example using brspace:. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Show database instance information Show database space information Show database object information Choose the category and then the class that you require.


You can perform the following types of reorganization: This may be due to different character set, like copying text from Ms Word to command prompt. This is the important question before we plan to reorganize table in SAP system.

BRSPACE starts by displaying the function main menu for the function that you entered, which is Alter database parameter in this example. Please take note that this online reorganization will impact on system performance, therefore you need to run this when the system load is low.

Here is the example brfools brspace: The more you set the thread, the faster your process will be. In SAP Netweaver 7. BRW Error message from likeywlib: The object — for example, a tablespace name if you want to extend a tablespace — varies according to the function that you choose.

Otherwise, the ln menus are shown for the function you select. Set the required option like new destination tablespace or set the parallel thread which will be used to perform reorganization. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: When you have finished executing a function and you choose back after starting BRSPACE in quick mode, the quick mode brtoolz deactivated and you can choose a new object to execute the function again.

Show database space information. Show database instance information. For example in DB13, you will have an error when you schedule job like check database and update optimizer. Be very careful with —c force because it forces default selection of all grtools options, which might lead to unexpected results.

Since Data Management Strategy is the key factor to boost system performance and and to keep data accessibility more efficient, we need to maintain or oraganize the data itself. Choose Segement Management or run from the command prompt brspace —f tbreorg. Unix system, with Oracle database.


BRtools and DB02 information:

Software Configuration o Standby Database o init. Solution Run this command using root user to update authorization needed for running brtools: The exception to this is for the functions in segment management, where it makes no sense to display all tables or indexes, because the list would be too long.

You can enter manually enter the command. If the list is not what you require, you can go back and make a new selection. One of the strategy is to reorg certain table which can impact on system performance. Enter table name in Table names table.

You use quick mode from: In this case, you have to type the command manually.


All other confirmation prompts and so on are skipped. For more information, see: Choose continue to start processing. There are the following brfools to quick mode: The alternative to quick mode is main menu modein which you only use the menus in BRSPACE to enter the options required to perform a function. Choose the category and then the class that you require.

You can now enter all required options and execute the function immediately.

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This site uses cookies. If the command options are correct and complete, the SAP tool is executed immediately to perform a function on the database. You can also enter additional options in quick mode. There are the following reasons for this: The field for the object name is filled with your entry.