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BS EN 12350-1 PDF

Buy BS EN TESTING FRESH CONCRETE – PART 1: SAMPLING from SAI Global. said in BS EN , take a few samples throughout the pour for the best representation of the batch and make sure you take % of what you think you’ll . This British Standard specifies two procedures for sampling fresh concrete which are implemented by composite sampling and by spot.

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Each sample shall be accompanied by a report from the person responsible for taking the sample.

Proceed to Checkout Continue Shopping. Surface leveling Remove the excess concrete above the upper edge of the mould using the steel trowel or float and carefully level the surface. Ns the voice of the U.

Move the scoop around the perimeter of the mold to ensure even distribution of material and minimize segregation. Compaction of the concrete The concrete shall be compacted immediately after placing in the moulds in such a way as to produce full compaction of the concrete with neither excessive segregation nor laitance.

BS EN 12350-1/BS EN 12350-2/BS EN 12390-2/BS EN 12390-2

Sampling Concrete It is acceptable to measure the temperature in: Ideally placing subsequent layers of fresh concrete should be undertaken as soon as practical to enable a fully compacted and monolithic element. You may find similar items within these categories by selecting from the choices below:.

Standards Subscriptions from ANSI provides a money-saving, multi-user solution for accessing standards. You may delete a document from your Alert Profile at any time. Records shall be kept to ensure the traceability of the specimen from sampling to testing.


BS EN 12350-1:2009

What is the frequency of Sampling of Concrete? This document Older versions. For this to occur the delay should be sufficient for the lower layer to develop an initial set or harden. The elapsed time shall not exceed 15 min.

BS EN – Testing fresh concrete. Sampling – BSI British Standards

Please first log in with a verified email before subscribing to alerts. Due to the shape of the mold, the rod must be inclined in first layer while rodding around the perimeter of the cone. Subscription pricing is be by: As the load is discharged, sampling should be taken from the whole width and depth not just the top part.

The most common method used in the sampling for casting with large volume of concrete is the spot sampling which is less time intensive due to the rate of pouring. When mixing and sampling of concrete is done in a laboratory, different procedures may be required. While the spot sampling takes scoopfuls from the initial discharge of the concrete from the truck mixer. This standard is not included in any packages.

If a falling away or shearing occurs, disregard test and make a new test using another portion of the sample. After compaction of rn layer, tap the sides of the container smartly with wn mallet until large bubbles of air cease to appear on the surface and depressions left by the compacting rod or bar, are removed. Report from the sample includes: What is the time limit before placing of fresh concrete?


Your Alert Profile lists 123350-1 documents that will be monitored. Procedure for Slump Test. Mechanical vibration using Compacting with an internal vibrator Apply the vibration for the minimum duration necessary to achieve full compaction of the concrete. Clean all the apparatus prior to hs. Transport of test specimens Avoid loss of moisture and deviations from the required temperature at all stages of transport.

Depending on the consistency of the concrete and the method of compaction, moulds shall be filled in one or more layers to achieve full compaction. Minimum size of sample x 1. Frequency shall be at least vibrations per minute The diameter of the internal vibrator not exceeding one-quarter of the smallest dimension bd the test specimen Vibrating table with a minimum frequency of 40 Hz 2 cycles per minute Compacting rod or bar Preparation and filling of the moulds Before filling the mould, cover the inner surface of the mould with a thin film non-reactive release material to prevent the concrete from adhering to the mould.

We use cookies to make our website easier to use and to better understand your needs. This site uses cookies. Leave the TMD in the concrete a minimum of 2 min. Rod the bottom layer throughout ne depth.