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Nuestros clientes son nuestra mejor referencia. Nitrox Scuba Diver. Entra acá para mayor información. Descubre la especialidad de buceo mas popular que existe. Gana libertad en tu inmersión. Bucear con NITROX te proporcionará mas tiempo de inmersión a la. Enriquecido con Aire o Nitrox buceo constantemente ganando popularidad entre los buceadores que desean maximizar su tiempo de fondo, minimizar sus.

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With EAN40 you don’t even have to have the surface time! American Journal of Science.

Nitrox – Wikipedia

It is possible that these so-far un-studied situations have contributed to some of the positive reputation of nitrox. None of these factors have anything to do with O2 percentage contained in the mix.

Reducing the proportion of nitrogen by increasing the proportion bucoe oxygen reduces the risk of decompression sickness for the same dive profile, or allows extended dive times without increasing the need for decompression stops for the same risk.

Divers may calculate an hitrox air depth to determine their decompression requirements or may use nitrox tables or a nitrox-capable dive computer.

There are several methods of production: The results are amazing!. Enriched Air or Nitrox diving is steadily gaining popularity among divers who want to maximize their bottom time, minimize their surface intervals and reduce the fatigue often associated with making repetitive dives.

Diving with and handling nitrox raise a number of potentially fatal dangers due to the high partial pressure of oxygen ppO 2. Ina study was published using wet divers at the same depth no statistically significant reduction in reported fatigue was seen. The equivalent air depth is used with air decompression tables to calculate decompression obligation and no-stop times.


Chronology of Diving in Holland. Since Bucro has more oxygen in it, and oxygen is actually toxic at certain depths read why this isNitrox divers have an increased risk of oxygen toxicity.

There is anecdotal evidence that the use of nitrox reduces post-dive fatigue, [12] particularly in older and or obese divers; however a double-blind study to test this found no statistically significant reduction in reported fatigue. You can also get more info in the footer at the link” Where we are “. Este sitio web utiliza cookies bucwo que usted tenga la mejor experiencia de usuario. He also developed a process for mixing oxygen and air which he called a continuous blending system.

What does buxeo course consists of? In Skin Diver magazine, the leading recreational diving publication at the time, [ citation needed ] published a three-part series arguing that nitrox was unsafe for sport divers. Some of the advantages that are frequently highlighted about scuba diving on NITROX are rather more myths than truths. Decompression divingDecompression theoryand Decompression practice. For deep diving, trimix or heliox gases are typically used; these gases contain helium to reduce the nitroxx of narcotic gases in the mixture.

Views Read Edit View history. InBove, Bennett and Skindiver magazine took a stand against nitrox use for recreational diving. There are two general types of Nitrox blends used for diving: What do the dives consist of? This principle can be used to calculate an equivalent air depth EAD with the same partial pressure of nitrogen as the mix to be used, and this depth is less than the actual dive depth for oxygen enriched mixtures.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Nitrox had become popular with recreational divers, but not used much by commercial divers who tend to use surface supplied breathing apparatus. Hamilton showed that over hundreds of thousands of nitrox dives, the DCS record is good.


This was considered dangerous by some, and met with heavy skepticism by the diving community. You can choose among three options: One of the first concepts that every diver learns practically from the beginning is that the nitrogen in the air becomes dangerous when compressed depth and breathed by the diver. Diving with Enriched Air Nitrox Enriched Air or Nitrox diving is steadily gaining popularity among divers who want to maximize their bottom time, minimize their surface intervals and reduce the fatigue often associated with making repetitive dives.

As a result, Nitrox divers should be sure to test the mix in their tank and observe the depth limitations associated with particular Nitrox mixes. You can get it in the shop.

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Myths and truths about diving on NITROX

Deep diving Professional diving Recreational diving Saturation diving Scuba diving Technical diving Underwater diving.

The constituent gas percentages are what the gas blender aims for, but the final actual mix may vary from the specification, and so a small nitgox of gas from the cylinder must be measured with an oxygen analyzerbefore the cylinder is used underwater.

Then, we will confirm the maximum depth according to the mix we have chosen. In practice it is common to use a printed adhesive label to indicate the type of gas in this case nitroxand to add jitrox temporary label to specify the analysis of the current mix.