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There are a large number of options for treating Lyme disease and the Buhner’s recommendations in, Healing Lyme Disease Coinfections. Recipes for Repair by Gail Piazza Healing Lyme by Stephen Harrod Buhner When Antibiotics Fail by Bryan Rosner The Top 10 Lyme Disease Treatments by . Natural Healing of Lyme Borreliosis and the Coinfections Chlamydia and Spotted Fever Rickettsiosis, 2nd Edition.

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These three tinctures can be purchased from woodlandessence. The value of this book for me was to answer many of the questions I had about sym There is a huge amount of information in this book, not just describing symptoms that you thought yealing were alone in suffering, but also explaining what those symptoms mean and offering practical advice for what to do about them.

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Herbs, supplements, and antibiotics are all useful and highly synergetic for this. This will keep the immune markers high that need to be high to prevent infection or, if you are infected, to keep yealing disease symptoms as minimal as possible. Complementary and Holistic Treatments for Bartonella and Mycoplasma.

He published the updated, second edition of Healing Lyme in Decemberwhich contains the full expanded protocol. Healing Arts Press; Jun 09, Heather rated it really liked it. His book is an informative, well-researched guide to the use of herbal remedies for Lyme disease and other tick-borne diseases. In my opinion, even the most knowledgeable of Lyme specialists stand to gain from reading this book. Health, irrespective of what medical science does, cannot be restored if the human body does not also participate.


Written by a master herbalist, much of the book is devoted to treatment protocols for Lyme disease and, to a lesser extent, its coinfections.

I believe he has a new book coming out soon, until then, this book is a waste of time. I was diagnosed with lyme about 10 days after I removed a tick 2. This reaction is very unusual and the only reason I lyms find for it is personal reactivity to one of the herbs.

Healing Lyme by Stephen Harrod Buhner at Chelsea Green Publishing

Ships from and sold by Amazon. This valuable resource book helps you to know what to use, how, and when.

Get a FREE e-book by buhhner our mailing list today! I’m following part of my doctors advi I’ve been digesting a metric fuckton of information over the last 4 months.

Two people have reported rises in liver enzyme levels on the protocol. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Stephen recommends a minimum of 1, mg haeling if you live in a lyme endemic area. Complementary and Holistic Treatments for Bartonella and Mycoplasma for the most up-to-date expanded bartonella protocol.: Mar 26, Epona rated it it was amazing.

I have been buher this protocol and am feeling better in 3 months than I have in a couple years! Dear Stephen, I am currently on antibiotics for 3 weeks now and still have symptoms. Share your thoughts with other customers.

I can now spell neuroborreliosis and a number of other equally boring words. If you have Lyme, think you have Lyme or are just interested in learning about the disease – this book is an absolute MUST. Symptoms run from mild lethargy to severe arthritis to incapacitating mental dysfunction. With Healing Lyme, Buhner has compiled a tremendous resource which should save everyone the time and effort required in locating the very best information on herbal remedies for Lyme disease.


The phytoplasmas that infect plants began to specialize some million years ago, diversifying considerably at the emergence of flowering plants million years ago. Lyme disease is, in fact, a potent emerging epidemic disease for which technological medicine is only partially effective. I seriously thought I was dying – or at the very least was suffering from early onset Alzheimer’s disease.

Hexling Lyme examines the leading, scientific research on Lyme infection, its tests and treatments, and outlines the most potent herbal medicines and supplements that offer help–either alone or in combination with antibiotics–for preventing and healing the disease.

He has also had success with a tincture combination: This will go huhner long way toward relieving the symptoms that mycoplasma infection causes and, important because the mycoplasmas use the cytokine cascade to break down tissues to acquire nutrients, this will begin to starve them, reducing their numbers. This book sheds light on this horrible, disease when it becomes chronic, and what can be done to help cure it.

Since the publication of Healing LymeStephen Buhner has updated the core protocol based on feedback from the field.