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Cadkey in as a trainer for CADL and wrote the first CADKEY Tutor, an interactive on-line tutorial that guides the user through 2D and 3D design and layout. Some are CADKEY-specific, but all work well with CAD KEY in a design! . The tutorial approach used in this manual helps new users get up to speed quickly at . Specifically designed for first-time CADKEY users with little or no experience. Practical, easy-to-follow exercises introduce the basic tools used in CADKEY 98, .

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So we now have budding engineers moving into the profession without the knowledge or experience of drafting, the drawing or form, fit and function design. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Perhaps your issue is with the video settings. Create gears as pattern files for G-Car, Chapter I did most dadkey the support until I got a few other bright fellows up to speed.

DJester, I posted this on the Cadkey forum and one user has responded that he had the exact same issue with CK19 on a 64bit system and he was able to fix the problem by running it in Win XP SP3 mode with no other options checked other than to run as administrator. Sounds like cadkeh Video Card issue. Caxkey there is no need for the drafter. I thought with the introduction of inexpensive PC based 3D CAD we would all be working at home or locally based offices.

Results 1 to 12 of I have Windows 7 Ultimate on mine. Uses polyline for cadkeyy look. I enjoy doing this training with a good self-tutorial manual, presenting the basics and being there for questions. Another user on the Cadkey Forum has responded with an idea that it may be the version of Windows 7 that you are using.


CADKEY Tutorial Home Page

To add the attribute go to the a: Uses power pole to fly. Cross hair still disappears. I do get round circles, not eliptical ones with this screen ratio. It was 3D wireframe and I was up and running in two weeks of lunch hours. I’m cadeky Win 7 on a 64 bit system with 8Gigs of ram, Quad core 2 proc. I finally got the opportunity to get csdkey home. Streamlined Sketching and Feature Based Modeling.

They were the designers and manufacturers of the cruise missile engine. If you are interested in tuorial CAD and not experienced in engineering you are out in the cold.

Use to practice trimming. This became a good profit center and a great marketing tool. Easy, fun and fast. Any ideas on how to resolve this blank portion of the screen is greatly appreciated.

There are a few self-tutorial manuals. Advanced 3d with Viewports.

The new design engineer will be a 3D CAD user dadkey both the job of the engineer and draftsman. Soon there were very successful dealers with wonderful training facilities. The Death of the Draftsman or “Where has all the talent gone? This has not really gotten popular.

CADKEY Tutorial-Blank Drawing

Solidworks increased in popularity, mostly based on their lack of copy protection. More 3d with holes. We were doing things with those two programs that many high-end systems today still struggle. While we will help you get started we are not equipped at this price to teach you 3D CAD from scratch or engineering design.


Mine has a vertical cropping setting, could this be your issue?

CADKEY Tutorial – Creating a 2D Drawing

The student has a training manual and I support it with presentations and personal questions. The following tutorials with the PDF icon are available for download.

I quickly jumped disciplines. If you are new to design this can also introduce you to different ways of design.

Cudacountry Cadkey Tutorials

tutoriak This is not training, just help getting through the few commands or concepts. I do the classes as I did a regular training class except you use a gotomeeting application. They were purchased by PTC in They are the reason why no company would have unlicensed 3D CAD software on the premises.

It was a board job. All other cursor functions seem normal and functional. Will drain plotter pens. Simplified- use grid to measure. But some 3D CAD systems take 6 months just to break the surface. Does this match the larger monitor? No one was wasting their time designing by drawing orthographic views anymore. Create a Blank file and start all drawings with it, see creating b file at end of this page.

Run as Admin checked.