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Internal table to hold the data from the FM CONVERT_OTF This function module call is used to retrieve the name of the Function no_function_module = 2. rekha || 28 Oct am || 2. Smart form OTF to PDF These 2 are needed for function ‘CONVERT_OTF_2_PDF’ . CALL FUNCTION ‘CONVERT_OTF’. **CONVERT SMARTFORM TO BINARY XSTRING PDF CALL FUNCTION v_device_type EXCEPTIONS no_language = 1 language_not_installed = 2 *** CONVERT OTF TO PDF CLEAR: bin_pdf,bin_tline,bin_filesize,bin_pdfx. CALL.

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With this function module you delete logs in the database according to specified selection conditions. This function can be used to read the values from a report’s selection screen too Another example. But as I noted the user can change the download path, Smartforms pdf file name using the File Save Dialog screen.

Computerservice Wolf – Schulung – SAP WAS PDF Ausgabe

I am planning to refer to this page for my future use case where I have a similar requirement. To print a form, you need a program for data retrieval and a Smart Form that contains the entire from logic.

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Will tell you the day of the week as a word Tuesdaythe day of the week 2 would be Tuedsaywhether the day is a holiday, and more. Glad you found it useful. Monday is returned as a 1, Tuesday as 2, etc. Hi Amitha Nice artical How to send alv report output to email i excel format. Hello Feleciano, Thank you for appreciation.

Note that The result will be left justified like all character fieldsnot right justifed as numbers normally are. Check to see if a date is in a valid format for SAP. In the Form Builder we describe a Smart Form by a set of nodes. It automatically triggers the page break. Read the values from a dynpro. The system convertt_otf the address data directly from the fjnction tables and formats them for print output. F4 help that returns the values selected in an internal table.

Skip to main content. After the successfull execution of the sample ABAP program, a Smart Forms output is converted into pdf file format and the resultant pdf file is saved on the target download folder with the desired file name as shown below. If no header entry has yet been written for the object or sub-object, it is created.

Let me explain the above ABAP code in brief.

Smart form OTF to PDF conversion

Create a dialog box in which you make a question whether the user wishes to perform a processing step with loss of data. Returns an internal table that contains a formatted list of all the selection parameters entered for a report. This function module pops up a screen that is just like all the other F4 helps, so it looks like the rest of the SAP system. Read a file from the presentation server if no server name is given, or read file from remote server.


The Text symbols tab is the default active tab.

Post # E-mail with PDF Attachment – Easy Abap For Beginners

The first module uses the name of the form to determine the name of the generated function module. Get the stock position for the previous month. This file folder is contains the full path set for the Smart Form document which is convert to pdf format.

SAP calls output areas “windows”. With this function module you read all log data whose log class has at least the specified value, from local memory, for the specified object or sub-object.

If you have or not, in either case, please leave your comments and let us start a healthy debate. Use values from a DDIC table to provide a list of possible values. Go to the Selection texts tab. Part I — Introduction October 7, If you position a sub window with the same name on several pages, the system displays the contents of this sub window on each page.

Passive bgRFC June 5, The content of the downloaded file is shown below. This function module checks whether the specified object or sub-object exists and deletes all existing associated data in local memory.

This will tell you whether converr_otf field was changed, deleted, or updated. With this function module you write a single message, with parameters, in local memory. Log into your account. Returns a list of all tables, select options, texts, etc for a program. Help Center Find new research papers in: