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Liber Null and Psychonaut has ratings and 69 reviews. Michael Postulating the subjective existence of each individual’s ego, Peter J. Carroll offers up an. LIBER NULL PETER J. CARROLL With Illustrations by Andrew David To all who helped keep Liber Null in print and produced a limited edition of Psychonaut . The Homepage of Peter J Carroll. A Site about Three Dimensional Time. Hypersphere Cosmology and more.

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The writing and descriptions and concepts resonated with me so well that I began magical practice again. Suddenly the hands are there in full clear view. The discovery of one’s true will or real nature may be difficult and fraught with danger, since a false identification leads to obsession and madness. This is a ppsychonaut about how to gain more control over your subjective facets. Lament not that men suffer war, fear, pain, and death, for these are but the inevitable accompaniment to love, desire, pleasure, and sex.

Every phenomenon is seen to be caused by some previous thing. There should be a constant turning of the mind toward the object of the exercise during these practices.

Quotes from Liber Null and Ps Acknowledgments I wish to gratefully acknowledge all the people who, over the years, have helped make this book possible. The effort required to keep an absolutely unwavering image will of varroll silence the mind after a while. All motivation is just an attempt to put the body-brain in a lower energy, less tense state, even if by a roundabout route.

Augury may be made by sacrifice, and men have tortured themselves for knowledge, but sex is the easiest. Self-destruction Sidestepping conventionally still leaves you with a mass of prejudices, idiosyncrasies, identifications, and preferences which give comfort and definition to the personality or ego. Between Chaos and ordinary matter, and between Kia and the mind, there exists a realm of half formed substance called Aether.


The attempt to do this inevitably reveals the mind to be a raging tempest of activity. Fourth, the magician aspires to the infinite void by a brief but determined effort to stop thinking. Figure 9 on page 78 shows us that the root of every emotion is always its opposite. It is useful for casting one’s will upon the universe and may, for skilled practitioners, be a gateway to trance states.

As the material base is being compounded, the magician does everything possible with concentration, visualization, and gnostic exaltation to imprint his desire into it. The magician first observes chastity for a period. Probably not a good introductory book on Chaos Magick, as the spiralling idea-play sometimes nears the Crowleyesque.

Full text of “Liber Null and the Psychonaut”

Some magicians attempting to go too fast with this invocation have failed to banish this demon, and have gone spectacularly insane as a result.

Even Thelema has in some circles a bit of Orthodoxy and dogma — required beliefs to progress.

The cellular mechanisms which make reproduction and growth possible are also those which cause ageing and death. Conceptuahzation and deconceptuahzation occur simultaneously. Only laughter can be gotten away with for free. When stripped of local symbolism and terminology, all systems show a remarkable uniformity of method.

Over- stimulation of any emotive function creates a mental paroxysm in which the whole consciousness may be caught up. He is aiming to establish a set of ideas and images which correspond to the nature of his genius, and at the same time receive inspiration from that source.

Magical power is the key to the heaven-hell of the now. It also leaves the student with lots of room to develop their own process.

It should be carried concealed close to the body. Feb 03, Shea Mastison rated it really liked it.

Liber Null and Psychonaut: An Introduction to Chaos Magic

Nobody really wants UKIP local councillors as such; …. There is always some sort of a reason or explanation for everything even if we haven’t managed to work it all out yet. Not-Thinking The exercises of motionlessness and breathing may improve health, but they have no other intrinsic value aside from being a preparation for not-thinking, the beginnings of the magical trance condition.


But this is coming from someone pretty new to chaos magic and occult studies in the first place. Dream experiences are so incongruous that the brain learns to prevent them interfering with waking consciousness.

The present edition is a completely updated and edited version, which makes both works available in one binding. Back to school and college for many of us now that we get to the end of the holiday season, you can almost feel the. The perception reaches through the tunnel as the will directs it to other regions of time and space. Scheme against your most sacred principles in thought, word and deed. When this much has been attained there is no limit to what he may eventually achieve.

If any unnecessary or imbalanced scraps of ego become identified with the genius ty mistake, then disaster awaits.

Peter J. Carroll – Wikipedia

I mean, you’ve only to look around yourself, the whole universe works on a sensible cause and effect basis; it’s only hocus pocus if you’re too primitive to work out how it works. Only the greatest determination psychonwut win even a few seconds of mental silence, but even this is quite a triumph.

Despite its notoriety, chaos magic isn’t the blackest magic out there, but the postmodern twitch on the oldest of arts.