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The colours serve as a guide as photographs always distort real colours. Either way, you can change the settings on your browser. Los artculos que fabricamos cumplen con las normas vigentes respecto catxlogo la ecologa humana, las sustancias nocivas y los niveles exigidos de solidez de los tejidos a la luz, al frote, al sudor Comes filled in the inside of gramage napa for your babys comfort.

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Catálogos Trama em formato digital para o mercado Português

A fun and perfect environment to combine with cstalogo furniture collection. The 9 pieces can be combined to your liking, choosing fabrics in our collections, the color of the ribbon and thread for embroidery. Leave your email and receive exclusive promotions and caatlogo.

Would you like to receive special offers and new products for Baby bath Changers micuna? Todos los colores y medidas presentados en este catlogo pueden sufrir variaciones en contraste con los reales.

Leave your email and we will keep you updated with interesting news and offers. Your browser does not support Javascript. The cot tidy is ideal for hanging in the bathroom and in some parts of the cot. Vichy and pique gray Elephant and pique with rhombus of the Pinky collection.


Xicbaby se reserva el derecho de modificacin o eliminacin, en sus artculos por consideracin de mejoras estticas o comerciales. If you continue to navigate on our site, we consider you accept their use.

Xicbaby holds to his strong commitment to the quality of fabrics of his products fabricated to catqlogo current standards regarding human ecology, harmful substances and the required levels of strength of the tissue to light, micnua, perspiration Login now for a personalised experience E-mail Password Forgotten your password?

Viene provisto en su interior de un importante gramage de napa para que tu beb se encuentre cmodo en todo momento. Xicbaby protector in all catapogo designs will ensure your safety in the crib and prevents your baby to heart himself.

We have domestic manufacturing which allows us to strictly control the manufacturing chain, paying attention to the details of each item. I accept receiving promotions and commercial communication from Kidits. Please upgrade your browser or enable Javascript.

Set of sheets of cradle 3 pieces for cradle of cm composed of adjustable bottom sheet, countertop and pillowcase. Pique white, gray, rhombus, canutillo, vichy, chambray, ottoman, etc.


El protector de Xicbaby en todos sus diseos velar por su seguridad en la cuna y evitar micna tu beb pueda daarse. Login to check our best prices. This site uses our own and third pary owned cookies, in order to give you a personalized service. Leave your email and receive exclusive promotions and discounts. If you continue to navigate on our site, we consider you accept their use. Colores muy vivos, frescos y modernos, con motivos muy actuales y divertidos bordados.


It has inside a perfumed plastic for quick cleaning. Leave your email and we will keep you updated with interesting news and offers. The sample fabrics combine two of our collections: Enter your email address and we’ll send you a new password.

You can also customize withthe nameof your baby the textile cover for babybath ofany of our collections Pinky, Dots, Woody, Forest, Elephant orFarm. Post on Mar views. Podrs combinar los tejidos, los bordados y cata,ogo que mejor encajen con tu estilo, con tu hogar y con la habitacin de tu beb, con la confianza de que descansar con la suavidad y el confort que Xicbaby te ofrece siempre.

For more information, please refer to our privacy policy. Your baby deserves the best comfort micunaa the sleeping time. The Tipography used is Helvetica wich is shown at the example. Please upgrade your browser or enable Javascript.