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Catalogue / TV frequency bands and channels: CCIR standard. TECHNICAL INFORMATION. Channel. Frequency. (MHz). Video carrier. (MHz). BOSS PRODUCTS CATALOG · CATALOGO internacional – Protel · protelturkey. Televes Catalogue – Matchmaster. Gamelsa was created in as a subsidiary of Televes Enterprises Corporation specialising in metal ISO Quality management system.

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A definitive tool for identifying and locating noise, interference, ingress and other waveforms that may be catqlogo cable services quality. Collect payments via cash, check, credit and debit cards, print and email statements, and perform reporting all in one.

For ordering additional products please contact your sales representative. Extracts composite video from RF. Exceptional conducted and radiated interference performance at full output level.

All guests can now experience HD where they once had to be satisfied with watching SD tepeves. Visit us online at: Fully shielded cables made with durable, gold plated connectors to provide the best performance.

Remote management is also fulfilled with the same integrated wireless modem. An additional slot is available for additional redundancy or high-power smartbox installations.

The PSA-FM is a low-noise, high-gain amplifier with excellent signal quality and low distortion for trouble-free operations over wide ambient temperature ranges. Die cast housing 208 filter for superior vestigial side band response Agile Micro Demodulator Microprocessor controlled frequency setting meet all FCC accuracy and off setting requirement PAD Pre-emphasis defeat switch accessible from side panel for the insertion of composite BTSC stereo signal Channelslisted on the front and rear 41 dBmV output 3 year limited warranty Modular design requires 12 slot chassis and power supply.


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In addition, all of your data is stored in our secure data warehouse, so you never need to be concerned about losing or having to backup your data. The kit tteleves the new multi-voltage charger, extended capacity battery pack, side handle, and carrying case.

A single Hopper can be configured with up to 3 Joeys 4 TVs. Call us today at PACE, or email telwves at sales paceintl. Cast Zamak chassis with large heat sinks providing exceptional heat dissipation. Fatalogo processing speeds ensure capture of any fast, intermittent plant impairments. Alliance Billing gets it all wrapped up in a simple, fast, and cost-effective way.

Mission Statement Leading, simplifying and supporting the integration of hardware and content solutions within a complex communications marketplace. Two power supplies are included with each chassis and are load balancing.


Let us help you get your next project off the ground with the financing you need. The kit includes a durable carrying case. Enclosure provides excellent shielding performance, reducing leakage and ingress.

Demodulator incorporates a phase locked loop synthesized LO in conjunction with a non-volatile microprocessor for precise frequency selection. View high-definition and standard definition programming.

Each amplifier output televs work independently from each other to provide a 30 dB max gain. Receiver RID ‘s available on eDistribution Supports networks with tens of thousands of Aps, hundreds of thousands of subscribers, and tens of Gbps of aggregate traffic. The chassis comes equipped with 2 hot swappable power supplies, a power supply filler plate, and a cellular modem for communication back to DISH. Requires satellite IF distribution from MHz.


Director of Outside Sales jimw paceintl. Complete Headend Solutions from Pace Include: Please contact your Pace sales representative for more information. Automatic gain control is provided to set the output power independent of the input level. The PLL oscillator with microprocessor can control the output frequency to meet FCC required accuracy and off-setting.

Power is supplied by a 9V battery with hours of life.

Single blade filler plates are used to cover unused slots in the chassis. Agile MicroMod 45dB Agile micro demodulator for off-air channels.

Minister of Transport and Communications – Ministry of Transport and Communications

The all-metal ratcheting locking chuck provides maximum grip, bit retention and durability. Shop our current inventory and order right online with your login. Counter balanced for smoother operation with less vibration. Power doubling technology for distortion-free, high output level operation. Ruckus SmartZone Controller Uniquely combines power, simplicity and scalability into an affordable system.

Pace offers both solutions to PCOs and integrators to serve their markets and provide solutions to offer voice, video, and data services anywhere in their communities. Each transcoder module is a daughter card that can be plugged into televe the satellite receiver blades or the ATSC receiver blades.

The chassis can be wall-mounted or rack-mounted, depending on your needs. You can now bill your customers’ DISH charges in minutes and not hours.