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“Stay close, stay safe.” Contents[show] Class Summary Having a profound mastery in enchantment magic, a Chanter benefits a group greatly by boosting. My chanter is lvl 73 at this moment, I try to focus PvP. You can be dps, but with support build of stigmas to increase dps of others. Chanter is. Chanter DPS Guide – PVP / PVE 1. Manastones 2. Recovery Spell [ best heal a chanter has, low CD, low cast time] 2. Protective Ward.

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Make use of the hallowed strike chain slow debuff at the right time.

Aion Chanter Class Guide created by Kandrah

Use it if you benefit of the time you gain. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Posted September 6, Chanter Macros Guds – Feb 6th2: Chantre staff offers much more damage and is a great pick for soloing or assisting in DPS within a group, also two handed weapons have a chance to stun on a critical; maces do not offer this.

Unlike other pure DPS classes, Chanters can fill both the support role. As others have said – Chanter currently is a viable DPS class, it is probably stronger than ever before.

It’s not always possible though, depending on the incoming damage shadow rage etc and your HP 5. While you can cast a blessing dhanter anyone, and may only have a single promise active, you can run three mantras at a time.


The advantage is stun resist Oh well chanters life If you want to be taken to everything, have the flexibility to do many roles, and are okay with the sacrifice of less personal DPS, the Chanter may aionn the right class for you.

Sita – Jan 6th8: Is it worth it? Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

Aion – Chanter Class Guide (Beta)

Full Support, Full Damage, or Hybrid. It’s an vhanter to chanters, not the min max version. Chanters need multiple to be effective in PVP: They were lovely back when they were mantra bots? But even if you come to a instance with DPS stigmas you should bring Word of Inspiration, especially if you have physical classes in the group, as it adds a good bit of damage.

Recovers the HP of group members within 20m radius by every 2 sec for 10 sec.

DPS chanter?

I suggest you skip gearing for Magic Resist unless you have excess money as the amount of Magical Accuracy classes have access to are very high right now and requires an investment in order to have an effect.


An example would be Adrenaline Mantra, which increases the flight speed of you and your group members.

Soul Crush [knockdowns the target if he’s already stunned, random sometimes high damage] Things to add later: What is a Chanter? This may take a lot of kinah if you are not lucky with events or work on one yourself, but the HP increase is large and makes everything easier.

Sign up for a new account in our community. If he hides use seed of detection to get him in stun first.

[Guide] Chanter DPS Guide ( PVP / PVE ) – Aion Guides, Tutorials – Games Research Community

Try not to waste a greater healing pot on a first silence. SR is a good baseline for a cheap and effective melee defensive set but not the endgoal. Glads have 2 root skills. All trademarks are the property of their guixe owners.

Instantly restores the HP of a target within 23m radius by 92, then heals 92 HP every 2 sec for 38 sec.