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If it has defective drywall, then I am out the money for the inspection. But our Realtor tells me we would be able to renig on the contract. Right?. DEFECTIVE DRYWALL DISCLOSURE AND INSPECTION CONTINGENCY. This Addendum is to the Sales Contract (“Contract”) entered into between. Many firms are requiring the Chinese/Defective Drywall Addendum to Contract be used in all transactions regardless of the age of the house.

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These disclosures should begin at the time a listing agreement is executed between the seller and the real estate brokerage firm. This test allows homeowners to be guaranteed that their home is free addendym Chinese drywall. You are commenting using your Facebook account. A good place to check the copper in your home is chinnese your water heater. Claims against other companies involved with tainted Chinese drywall are still not settled.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The house has to be gutted down to the wood frame, and all the wiring and plumbing has to be replaced. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here You can follow comments to this adendum by subscribing to the RSS news feed with your favorite feed reader. I live in NE Florida.

Toxic Chinese Drywall: Is It in Your Home? | Today’s Homeowner

Gives the buyer the right to inspect the property, at his expense and the buyer agree to pay for any damage the inspection may have done. I have filed lawsuits against the sellers, and will be filing against the Realtors, agents, and home inspectors soon.

Some of those complaints alleged the real estate licensee failed to provide various written disclosures. Most of the defective Chinese drywall was bought in bulk by contractors and was not sold at major national home improvement chains.


Terms of Service drywal Privacy Policy. I have put my live savings in custom built house cape coral fl. The building should first be assessed by a professional, such as a certified industrial hygienist CIH; disclosure — I am a CIHconsultant, qualified home inspector, engineer, or other professional before any testing is done or remedy proposed. Anything that contains decorative metal in your home should be checked dryeall pitting, darks spots, or a dark discoloration. Replace the exposed corroded fixtures especially the copper fittings Mirrors: A licensed inspector qualified to conduct Chinese Drywall analysis should be hired if the property is suspected of having this material.

Sign In Create an Account Welcome. Check for corrosion on your metal faucets, drains, mirrors, picture frames, jewelery, etc.

It allows the seller to identify certain defects that may not be readily observable by the buyer. He said it smelled like paint to him????? Some homes were built or renovated using defective drywall imported from or manufactured in China. It seems to me that China is and has been causing problem with products imported into our country for years.

There is no smell 2…Copper in Electrical Outlets is not bright, addedum the color of a penny that is a couple years old.

Email required Address never made public. In Short, this state basically what was mention above, and includes an acknowledgement by the seller that he is unaware of any defective drywall.

Replace all mirrors because of the metal component Waste removal: Might be that I am paranoid ,, trying to figure drywaall if I have Chinese Firewall,,house was finished in June of or earlier… 1. It also includes components such as electrical and plumbing that may not be functioning or need repair. Toxic so laws, via permit, may require a licensed contractor in toxic remediation.

  AAMA 2603 PDF

Its just another Love Canal story. Air testing has been a disappointment, to say the least. Smell of Rotten Eggs but not necessarily the tell-tail sign Failure of the Home’s Air Conditioning Units Corroded Electrical Wiring Silver Jewelry or Piping Turning Black Mirrors fading in brilliance Black residue on copper components Copper sink drain corroded Corroding copper air conditioning coils that leads to Freon leaks Remodel and remedy costs that should be considered: Listing agents should be particularly careful when listing a home because after months of marketing costs, their efforts may go unrewarded if a house has Chinese drywall and there is no remedy but a possible remodel.

Disclosures … when should we use them?

Not all wallboard from Addenudm has this problem, so the xenophobia and union-ophilia above are at best unhelpful.

The wireing and plumbing on the canadian made side are black and the wireing on the made in usa side are normal. One more note — the EPA report narrative states that the problem drywall contains ppm of sulfur and non-problem drywall contains none.

Where as a flag should of been raised as soon as the material hit the job site if the Data Sheets are correct. See All Related Videos.

We will probably face foreclosure and our credit will be destroyed. Identify Defective Chinese Drywall. I wanted to reach out to your organization so see if you would like publish OUR story. You stated in your email that you used a tester from Toxicdrywalltestkit.