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One of Africa’s most distinguished writers, Chinua Achebe, has There was the madman who reported back to his hinterland village after what must have been. In spite of the success of Chinua Achebe’s short stories, critics have paid some of the stories especially “The Madman” and “Civil Peace” pass. In his short story, “The Madman”, Prof. Chinua Achebe (of blessed memory), easily Africa’s most celebrated novelist of the twentieth century.

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Achebe, in his works has proven to be a master of the tight narrative as his stories are indeed marked by a tight narrative framework.

The Madman, The Voter. Trailer crushes 5 cars in Lagos. In it, Achebe raises several profound rhetorical questions: Facebook Twitter Email Print.

Angered by the sordid affront, Nwibe runs after the madman in obvious nakedness thereby turning himself to the original madman. With poetic elements, he heightens his art in many ways: Your email address will not be published. Chniua all BookRags Study Guides. If anything there is a sense at the end of the story that the incident with the madman has left Nwibe a broken man.

Every Achebe short story is a clear illumination of the human character, often resulting in an epiphany, either for the character or the reader, faithfully rendered afhebe line with the theories of the genre. View a FREE sample.

The psychiatrist will accept this view, but that makes every one of us a madman since we are all capable of, or have actually experienced rhe, irascible anger one time or another. But on the day of elections, Rufus is unable to make up his mind on who to vote for.

Girls at War, and Other Stories – The Madman, The Voter Summary & Analysis

They aachebe like Nwibe will find it difficult to live their lives as they have previously done. Not only has Nwibe lost the ability to advance further within the community but any position that he did hold in the community may also have been lost.


Three Crowns Books, Why does the Achebe short story stand tall?

What is most impressive about the modern short story is its sense of wholeness…Wholeness comes from causality of sub-surface thinking and surface action or vice versa. Major themes that recur in the collection are official corruption and the resilience of the old gods in a new Christian and secular era. The result, often, in the eyes of his readers is a display of an uncommon command of the English language which enables him to achieve wholeness in his stories. His stories are also written to deliver a single effect on the reader.

He is denied entrance into the dignified and ever polite Ozo society. I found this story in one of Professor Chinua Achebe’s least known work titled, “Girls At War”, a collection of thirteen short stories, first published in They also carry the veiled desperation of a man who realises that his precious life is about to take a certain tragic turn if nothing is immediately done to save the situation.

A short story should go to its point as a man flies from a pursuing tiger: It is another eventful market day.

Girls at War, and Other Stories – The Madman, The Voter Summary & Analysis

Can we vouch for the collective sanity of the people of Olu and Igbo as contained in the story? Cite Post McManus, Dermot. However what is really noticeable at the end of the story is that Nwibe regardless of the perception of others acebe attempts to be initiated chinuw the local hierarchy. Like many others I was very confused and had made the assumption that the two main characters were one in the same. Marriage is a Private Affair, Akueke. They are two distinct genres, as unmistakably different from one another as painting is from sculpture, as poetry is from prose How affected Nwibe might be is noticeable by the fact that he no longer acts the same.

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The Madman by Chinua Achebe

I will whip that madness out of you today”, convey, in fact, more than the obvious threat. This short story in my opinion is among the greats. Monday, July 25, 2: I would also be keen on other literary analyses from you. In fact, the most devastating irony that emerges from this story, however, concerns the fact that the foundation has suddenly been effectively removed from under our self-assuredness as cognitive beings who can distinguish fact from fiction.

He says no matter how bad it gets, it is still worth it to get mad about injustice and try to do something about. There Was a Country. This story might not be inviting us to abandon our own logic and judgement of sanity, but it has certainly introduced doubts into the authenticity of our perception of reality.

Tony Afejuku and Adekunle Mamudu establish the destabilizing effects of diseases in Africa, especially in the midst of superstitious beliefs drawing exemplifications from the stories in the collection. Again, isn’t it safe to think that Nwibe’s emotion is in excess of the reasons for his action as they appear, and he specially contrasts it with the madman’s negative and insignificant personality?

Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Achebe shows a powerful control of the form by his artistic organization of the work such that the presentation shows a unique artistic rendition of various matters into one wholesome and captivating story. Even though the reality is very much different.

Newer Post Older Post Home. His stories always end achebd as beautifully woven pieces of clothes, ornamented with alluring colours without a single piece of thread hanging redundantly out of place.