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No Problem!: A Low-Stress, High-Velocity Guide to Writing a Novel in 30 Days: A High-velocity, Low-stress Way to Write a Novel in 30 Days 01 by Chris Baty. Always wanted to write a novel? Short on time or inspiration? Surrounded by angry marmots and need something to throw at them? This is the book for you!. NaNoWriMo Founder Chris Baty is a writer and teacher. His books include No Plot? No Problem! and Ready, Set, Novel.

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I borrowed this copy from my library but might just buy it so I can revisit it every time I throw myself into a new first draft. Great motivation and inspiration to do the unthinkable. And when it’s all over, he recommends taking a breather, then getting started on editing. If the book falls short anywhere, it’s that it almost feels too specific to NaNoWriMo, reminding you that life is going to go back to normal, you’ll see your friends again, etc, after you cross the finish line.

It mandates starting from zero and writing an average of 1, cogent words a day — that’s counting every day, all month long, no days off, not even on Thanksgiving. But honestly that’s about it. As someone who has participated in NaNo for years, it was mostly things I heard before. Back in the day the number was two books a week. These are short novels by today’s standards. It has to be done.

Last year, I attempted Nano but sadly, I did not win. The Sword and Laser: P And besides, it felt vaguely appropriate to read it this month. NaNoWriMoguide you through four exciting weeks cnris hard-core noveling. If you’re into stuff like this, you can read the full review. The first time I started reading this book — several years ago and before I had ever heard of this thing called NaNoWriMo — I was disappointed to find that it was actually a guidebook to surviving this crazy annual event that Baty had started, in which writers commit to writing a novel of 50, words in one month.

I may take some notes on things I know need to be fixed, and I am going to take some time to study the structures of my favorite books to see how my own can be bo. People rarely interrupt when you’re in the bathroom. No matter what your neighbors might say.


You have a large community to write with and get support from. We’ve preached it at each other for years, to no avail, but in NaNoWriMo–and thus in this volume–Baty hands any writer the key to at least getting the words on paper. The NaNoWriMo is an event probldm some of my friends really do. Want to figure out how to write a novel without having a firm PLOT?

You may even find time to connect with some of them via NaNoWriMo’s forums or in person through your local Municipal Noo. I read this book several years ago and loved it. I enjoyed reading Chris’s anecdotes of his experiences, like writing some lousy first drafts or how the event first came to be.

No Plot? No Problem!: A Low-Stress, High-Velocity Guide to Writing a Novel in 30 Days

Chrks it if you just want to laugh. Preview — No Plot? Stay up to speed with Times editors’ favorites in books, authors, events and more. This is especially true when it comes to creative pursuits. I read each section of the book at the time recommended in the book and found that to be really helpful – it prepared me for each week without overwhelming prpblem any more than I was already. Baty talks throughout about the frenetic pace required and massive amounts of caffeine that will be necessary while you blow off friends, family, and routine everyday activities like sleeping and showering for 30 days.

The ideal time for me would chria January, when it is too cold to go out and both of my jobs slow down for 30 days or so. He has hit on the one thing probblem keeps so many talented writers from ever making any progress: I will never get a novel written if I continue to backspace and delete everything that I type. Chances are you’ll be left with a lot of words on the page and very chrls structure, an amoeba novel if you will.

Baty breaks it down to the whys and hows, even going so far as to flag each week of the endeavor by just how broken your brain is going to feel.


It isn’t a guide to plotting or character development or world-building. On November 1, participants begin working towards the goal of writing a 50,word novel by bo Highly recommended for any writer, especially those who participate or are considering participating in NaNoWriMo.

No Plot? No Problem!: A Low-Stress, High-Velocity Guide to Writing a Novel in 30 Days by Chris Baty

Editing can polish, but a total train wreck can usually not be rebuilt into a serviceable vehicle. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. This is an over inflated introduction to NaNoWriMo, and nothing more. View all 11 comments. The problem I have with it is two-fold. The problem with the book is that it is all peptalk, and no substance.

Why vomit words on pages that you’ll only have to bafy back and clean all up later bty It’s inexpensive enough for that to be a sane thing to do. It has advice on how to get rid batj your kids, case studies, and ideas for snacks you can munch on throughout Chrsi that won’t turn your keyboard into a sticky mess. For those already comfortable with edit-free tangential writing, all the better! I think some of the negative reviews of this book come from people who wanted or expected something something different.

The idea is, by challenging yourself to turn out an insane number of words in a month, you will be forced to turn off your internal editor, and to let your imagination and intuition free to unleash ideas that you wouldn’t be able to tap into under normal writing circumstances.

Like to see YOU try that!

Prince rated it liked it. Dec 29, Jokoloyo rated it really liked it. Something else that irritated me about the book was all of the unnec The basic gist of the book is quantity over quality. You’ve always wanted to write, but.