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A flowchart showing all the stages of a China International Economic and Trade Commission (CIETAC) arbitration, based on the CIETAC Arbitration Rules CIETAC Arbitration Rules · CIETAC Arbitration Rules · CIETAC Arbitration Rules (These rules entered into force on 1 January ). The Arbitration Rules of the Arbitration Commission [hereafter, the “Arbitration Rules”], which took effect on 1 May, , apply to this case.

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The arbitral tribunal shall make a written record of the oral hearing.

CIETAC Arbitration Rules

After the replacement of an arbitrator, the arbitral tribunal shall decide whether and to what extent the previous proceedings in the case shall be repeated.

All arbitration documents to be exchanged during the arbitral proceedings shall be exchanged among the rles tribunal and the parties by the Arbitration Court unless otherwise agreed by the parties and with the consent of the arbitral tribunal or otherwise decided by the arbitral tribunal.

Article 71 Time Period for Rendering Award. When a case is accepted, an rulfs amount of RMB 10, shall be charged as the registration fee, which shall include the expenses for examining the application for arbitration, initiating the arbitral proceedings, computerizing management and filing documents. Paragraphs 1 – 5 of the memorandum 0205 supplements to the original contract.

CIETAC Arbitration Rules | Practical Law

Where the law applicable to an arbitration agreement has different provisions as to the form and validity of cietad arbitration agreement, those provisions shall prevail. Both parties signed a memorandum on 30 December to revise the payment condition.

The President of the Arbitration Court shall make a final decision on the challenge of the emergency cieyac. The arbitration documents referred to in the preceding Paragraph 1 shall be sent to the address provided by the party itself or by its representative sor to an address agreed by the parties.


The South China Sub-Commission accepted this request and scheduled the second oral hearing for 9 a. The explosion of the furnace proved that the [Seller] failed to deliver the goods complying with the [Buyer]’s specification, design and usage requirements. Article 67 Formation of the Arbitral Tribunal.


The Arbitral Tribunal checked relevant documents and heard the arguments of both parties during the oral hearings. Meanwhile, both parties agreed that the ownership of the goods would not belong to the [Buyer] until the total amount was paid.

The President of the Arbitration Court may extend the time period upon the request of the emergency arbitrator only if the President of the Arbitration Court considers it reasonable.

Xicheng District, Beijing,P.

Pursuant to Articles 15 and dules of the Contract, after the explosion the [Buyer] was entitled to request the Bureau to conduct an inspection and to claim damages based on the Inspection Certificate.

All arbitration documents from the parties shall be submitted to the Arbitration Court. The Heat transfer oil furnace is categorized as a furnace. Together, on 17 Septemberthey formed an Arbitral Tribunal to hear this case. The [Buyer] and the [Seller] signed their contract on 29 September On 27 Junethese three arbitrators formed an Arbitration Tribunal to hear this case. Secondthe [Seller] does not have a “so-called” dominant position of technology and information. Articles 25 ; 35 ; 22005 ; 49 ; 74 [Also cited: It has sub-commissions or arbitration centers Appendix I.

The Arbitral Tribunal did not find the provisions grossly unconscionable or hiding the real facts in the contract. Article 72 Context Reference. ThirdXinjiang Bureau failed to inspect the explosion on spot promptly, but only conducted two inspections on the 11th day and 44th day, respectively; failed to conduct technical statistical analysis; failed to provide any data standards; but simply concluded that the natural gas supplied by the [Buyer] satisfied the quality requirements.

It was the parties’ true intent to invite the Bureau to inspect the explosion, and the parties should honor their stipulation. Both parties signed every page of the annex. The Chair of the Arbitration Commission thought that the reasons “Mr. During the process of conciliation, the arbitral tribunal shall terminate the conciliation proceedings if either party so requests or if the arbitral ruoes considers that further conciliation efforts will be futile.

CIETAC accepts cases involving economic, trade and other disputes of a contractual or non-contractual cieac, based on an agreement of the parties. Article 2 Structure and Duties 1.


The case was commenced on 1 Julywhich meant it was out of the one-year time limit. From 1, to 5, For purposes of this translation, the Claimant of the People’s Republic of China is referred to as [Buyer] and the Respondent of Japan is referred to as [Seller].

However, the [Seller] did not submit sufficient evidence to sustain this allegation.

The arbitral tribunal may specify a time period for the parties rulex produce evidence and the parties shall produce evidence within the specified time period. The arbitral award is final and binding upon both parties. The [Seller] fulfilled its contractual obligations only when it completed its duty of adjusting and testing, warranty, training and delivering complying goods pursuant to the Contract.

As the [Buyer] is located in West China and developed from a small enterprise, whose principals do not know Japanese or English, the [Buyer] accepted the [Seller]’s request because of the urgency and only based on the [Seller]’s introduction. The decision of the emergency arbitrator shall be binding upon both parties.

CIETAC Current Arbitration Rules-China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission

Where the arbitral tribunal considers it necessary, or where a party so requests and the arbitral tribunal agrees, the arbitral tribunal may cietaf render a partial award on any part of the claim before rendering the final award. However, the [Seller] did not raise any issue of the natural gas. The explosion caused the core part to fly 9. Therefore, the Arbitration Tribunal held that the Contract was the parties’ true intent and valid.

Article 30 of the CISG provides that “the seller must deliver the goods, hand over any documents relating to them and transfer the property in the goods, as required by the contract and this Convention. Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Zone. Article 13 Acceptance of a Case.