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Can anyone help me with finding an operating manual online for a la Cimbali junior?. Discover La Cimbali M21 Junior espresso and cappuccino machine: designed and built for those caterers who have limited space at disposal. Available into. -i-have-got-it-pdf-thtml parts diagram there too.

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They dont need to be too tight to work. It certainly cant push water into the boiler once it is at operating pressure, and finds it hard to stop the HX water turning to steam cimballi flush – what cooling flush? The manufacturer reserves the right to modify the appliances presented in this publication without notice. Posted on Feb 10, Answer questions, earn points and help others Answer questions. Ive used SSRs and related technology in all sorts of electrically noisy, and horrendous cimbaali environments in both light and heavy industrial applications Its not very strong and is totally food safe.

I assume thats normal from what Ive read.

Cimbali M21 Junior leaking

I have had the machines for a week now, and all of the years of anticipation had me prepared to pull a shot ‘by the numbers. Ive never held it upside down like juniorr said, so no water could have ever got in to it. Boiler looks to be stainless, so planning on a citric acid bath.


Range Technical data Accessories Downloads. So a la cimbali junior is a walk in the park for you. Looks not to bad considering. You can loose manial pipe nut after the pump to see if you have any pressure after you press the coffee button. Time will yet tell whether the Junior will ever pull another shot I think we are coming to the same point but from different directions.

Not finding what you are looking for? Their are four cibmali reasons for above problem as follows.


When you say “relief valve” do you mean the coffee solenoid valve or the overpressure valve as labeled in second schematic below? I seem to have misplaced mine when I moved, and it is surprisingly difficult to locate any online resources.

You are going to love your machine! Operators manual only describes how to install and set up. Need to finish off putting the fairings back on – but it seems to go just as fast painting the Sirai cover ducati red helps Im sure!

As I said, its behaved that way since new, and has been used less than 6 months. Other companies controlled by Gruppo Cimbali S. More Print this page Share this page. I dont have time for a beer, I have to visit my new neighbours. In fact it seemed to have swelled up, which made removing it a PIA.


We will inform you of the outcome of this within one month. Trusty Wiki and its links http: If you want I can check the serial number in Italy. Coffee Sensor – coffeesnobs site sponsors. What could be causing it? Once its restored it should run for years and La Cimbalis have a reputation for producing great shots once you learn to drive them.

Just dont use brute force or youll bend the jnuior and possibly crack the joints. This is a problem with old La Marzocco machines and has been reported with even new Synessos if the chloride content of the water is too high. I have an other one I recon. Its always needed resetting once every few days by lifting the “cup” out of the water and lowering back in.

As a result, I am starting to get concerned about the pressure-stat setting.