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The City Boy [Herman Wouk] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The City Boy by Herman Wouk – book cover, description, publication history. ‘City Boy’ spins a hilarious and often touching tale of an urban kid’s adventures and misadventures on the street, in school, in the countryside.

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The City Boy

Feb 02, Todd Cannon rated it really liked it. I read this to my kids when they were in elementary school, one chapter each night. I could read this book over and over and never get tired of it. They found the tomb a romantic wonderful place, not because it was cty but because it was private.

It reminded me of Tom Sawyer. These are devices that a little girl is incapable of learning or inventing. He was a laughing stock. It’s not like there weren’t boys doing the same thing. Wouk fashions a moral to the tale without preaching, but the boy’s victory in the quest for Lucille proves tenuous at best. It was enough that he comes from a family with money.

It’d be easy to squint and picture an adult Herbie I’d hate. I think I had heard of it before because the main character’s name, Herbie Bookbinder, sounded familiar to me, but I had never read it.

City Boy has been out for a long, long time. Herbie is an exceptionally bright but fat little boy, a seventh grader and a star pupil.

City Boy by Herman Wouk

Also, fat boys who fall in love a lot and live in the Bronx. Enjoyable and really well written. Herbie contrives to have himself and his sister, his cousin Cliff Block, and his rival Lennie sent to Camp Manitou run by Mr. I really loved City Boy. I buy it for high school graduates as a gift. I guess City Boy does have an air of teacher’s pet about it in Wouk’s writing.


This is the story of the last half of the school year when Herbie is 11 and the summer that follows it when he goes to a summer camp run by his school’s pricipal.

Maybe a sweet pain kind of comfort read like Blue Castle or ‘Oscar’. Teachers set themselves up to be wondrous wise—yet to this day it has not occurred to one of them that ‘ outfielder ‘ is a dactyl. But talk to me about “regular guys” playing stickball and sitting on the “stoop” and I was totally lost.

Abraham, Nathanial, and Joseph. Prefects are respected, right?

View all 4 comments. City Boy20th Anniversary Edition, page xii.


Wouk has a way of describing the life events of children that really rings true with wit and humor. I hardly ever spoke to Davey. How did I go through all of my life without ever hearing of this book?

You won’t be sorry. Herbie is quite charming. The Adventures of Herbie Bookbinder. City Boy by Herman Wouk.

Although, I never lived in a big city like New York and I never went to summer camp I was able to relate to Herbie and his adventures and experiences. I can see why one book reminded her of the other.

Recommended to Mariel by: Retrieved 26 September He’s a chubby, clumsy fellow, but very smart, and prone to wild crushes; as the book opens, his heart is broken when his teacher marries, but later that day, he falls for a girl at his school, which leads to most of Herbie’s later adventures, as he tries to impress Lucille Glass against the competition of the better-looking and more athletic Lennie Krieger, culminating in the last half of the novel, which takes place at the summer camp that all three children attend.


He started writing a novel, Aurora Dawnduring off-duty hours aboard ship. Refresh and try again. My own 11 year old would never have romantic feelings, right? In the novel was re-issued, with paperback editions in andand according to Wouk was translated into eleven languages. It fell sweetly on the fat boy’s ears. Herbie’s fortunes rise and fall increasingly suddenly and sharply throughout the book, culminating in a final sequence in which he takes wildly risky steps to become camp hero, and his successes are taken away from him at the last minute.

He was not in the top tier of school authoritative system with the garbage band. Okay, so I don’t think it is a good idea to be too hard on Lucille. Herbie missed the fireworksbut he never regretted them.