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Clan Novel has ratings and 17 reviews. Travis Wedeking said: This review assumes the person has read the first book. Starting off a few days before. Clan Novel 2: Tzimisce – the Doorway into Depravity For hundreds of years Camarilla vampires have preserved the Masquerade – an intricate. Tzimisce (Vampire The Masquerade: Clan Novels) by Eric Griffin – book cover, description, publication history.

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War ghouls, several great feet tall. Mar 01, Gabby rated it really liked it. There’s gore, certainly, which should be ex This book was going to be a challenge for anyone to write — the Tzimisce are by definition inhuman, difficult if not impossible to understand, and horrifically sadistic. Paulajean rated it really liked it Feb 11, After a while it really felt overly gratuitous.

Clan Novel: Tzimisce

To ask other readers questions about Clan Novelplease clna up. The book really starts to shine when Vykos begins to get her own perspective chapters, as she is very well written and interesting albeit depraved and monstrous.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Jun 28, Daniela rated it it was ok. This review has clsn hidden tzimissce it contains spoilers.

Spidery creatures with more legs and arms than one should ever need. Refresh and try again. Jan 31, Suellen rated it liked it. I can’t imagine this being comprehensible to anyone who isn’t. I was a little bit disappointed that we don’t get a chance to delve into her backstory when she was a castrati hebut honestly you know you’re in for an interesting read when you see Vykos on the first page. She kind of reminds me of one of my really good friends in the way where she’s always joking around and when she’s ser I thought this book was okay.


Wes rated it liked it Feb 19, I was even a bit disappointed by the lack of horror aspects. I understand the thought that maybe broadening the narrative perspective allows the read to know more, but I would argue it lets you know less.

Tzimisce (Vampire The Masquerade : Clan Novels) by Eric Griffin

I love the Tzimisce, they are my trophy clan. They seemed just a little more intense, and therefor — interesting. This wasn’t a bad read.

Wed Adams rated it did not like it Feb 02, Griffin made a really smart choice here in describing just enough to let us know a little about what is going on, augmented it further with dialogue, and then let our imaginations run wild with it. This series comprises the biggest event in the history of the World of Darkness — and this is only the second book This epic series noevl over one million words will reveal the secrets of the vampires’ hidden world, clwn the smallest detail to the grandest marvel.

The politics, power plays, and violence that erupts consumes the lives of numerous humans and vampires alike. Bill Paulus rated it it was amazing Oct 13, Oct 31, Travis Wedeking rated it really liked it. In scenes with a lot of characters present the narrative switches from 3rd person omniscient to some kind of hybrid between 3rd person limited and omniscient.

They torture, they scheme, they rule, they plot. There are too many details, too many characters and if one’s too careless, it’d be like getting lost in translation and having to do things all over again because you messed up the first time.

Putting this book on hold for now. She never strays far from my side these nights.

They seem to reason it all out so well, at times leaving the reader rooting for the wrong team, that is, until someone gets their bones molded like warm wax, or skin polished into marble-shine. And guts, and flesh and disgusting other human and inhuman parts.


I have zero interest in it, and it’s bothering me to keep seeing it on my “currently reading” list. But in every instance you always find out. I didn’t really find it all that disturbing, to be honest, as the people who engage as well as the victims in this level of violence are very caricature-like and thus I wasn’t motivated to care. Amidst it all stands Sasha Vykos, one of the most powerful Tzimisce still alive, her shape barely human by her own will.

Clan Novel 1 – 10 of 14 books. Paperbackpages. Tonight Sabbat will triumph, and Camarilla shall fall.

The rest is at [ Night Mode Reading ]: I went through it in a few days. Stephen Montgomery novdl it really liked it Dec 12, As far as plot, I found this book to be satisfactory. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Jun 07, James rated it really liked it. A war along the American East Coast erupts as the Sabbat launches relentless attacks against Camarilla-held cities”.

There’s gore, certainly, which should be expected from a Sabbat-viewpoint novel, but it didn’t quite hit the level of surreal ztimisce horror I was hoping for.

If you stand still and look up, at times it seems whole buildings are moving, enclosing upon this or that target in the dark of night, made ever thicker so with shadows of Lasombra clan, as they shed their physical forms to stand as one against the enemy. Characters from either side of the Atlantic have an interesting Old World VS New World dynamic among the Sabbat, can this dynamic falls off the radar frequently.