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Titled The Clavicle of Solomon, revealed by Ptolomy the Grecian. Dated , making it one of the earliest manuscripts of the Key of Solomon. Clavicula Salomonis: The Clavicles of Solomon – Kindle edition by King Solomon , Tarl Warwick. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones. Posts about The True Clavicles of Solomon written by grimoires.

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The Key of Solomon is the most famous and important of all Grimoires, or handbooks of Magic. Actually, three of the four significant excisions are operations dealing with love magic Colorno, chapters Pater omnium creaturarum queso qui viuis et regnas per infinita secula seculorum Amen. Clavic,es Sl differs from the others, L generally follows it.

The Burin Figure 80 or Graver is useful for engraving or incising characters. Wynn Westcott for the valuable assistance he has given me in the reconstruction of the Hebrew pentacles. Note also the invocation of the clavixles kings of the cardinal directions, given variously generally Oriens, Paymon, Egyn, and Amaymon. The which being finished, and the fumigations being performed, as is described in the chapter on fumigations in the Second Book, the master should reassemble his disciples, encourage them, reassure them, fortify them, and conduct them into the parts of the circle of art, where he must place them in the four quarters of the Earth, encourage them, and exhort them to fear nothing, and to keep in the places assigned to them.

I have given the number of the Psalms according to the Englishnot the Hebrew numbers. Sleep Noms des Pierres conuenables aux Signes.

The Veritable Clavicles of Solomon (Les Veritables Clavicules de Salomon) (Abognazar) (EXCERPTS)

The first of these tables is found in the Zecorbeni manuscript bound with Ad. Claviccles that ye must consider the dayes and the howres, in the which the foresayd pentacles shall be purged or made, and the midds of all, let the maiesty be with angells like as he shall come to judge both quicke and dead, and in the circut of the maiesty, let the names of the ineffable be writen and of y e Angells. Afterwards thou shalt take it carefully back unto the before-mentioned place and cover it with earth until thou shalt need it again.

For a new, reformatted edition of Mathers’ edition, with new artwork, see: Claviles ought to be 3 fellowes without [i. Let him then lay his right hand and the knife upon the pentacles or medals, constructed of, and described upon virgin paper, soloon are clavjcles to or sewn upon his breast, and let him repeat the following conjuration upon his knees: O ye spirits, ye I conjure by the power, wisdom, and virtue of the spirit of God, by the uncreate divine knowledge, by the vast mercy of God, by the strength of God, by the greatness of God, by the unity of God; and by the holy name of God EHEIEH, which is the root, trunk, source, and origin of all the other divine names, whence they all draw their life and their virtue, which Adam having invoked, he acquired the knowledge of all created things.


But if perchance ye yet shall harden yourselves, and show yourselves self-opinionated, disobedient, rebellious, refractory, and contumacious, and if ye yet resist our powerful conjurations, we shall pronounce against you this warrant of arrest in the name of God almighty, and this definite sentence that ye shall fall into dangerous disease and leprosy, and that in sign of the divine vengeance ye shall all perish by a terrifying and horrible death, and that a fire shall consume and devour you on every side, and utterly crush you; and that by the power of God, a flame shall go forth from his mouth which shall burn ye up and reduce ye unto nothing in Hell.

Then goe into the bath and say these Psalmes, Benedicte et laudate, and wash thy self, blessinge thee sayinge, In nomine patris et filii et spiritus sanctus, Amen.

Gollancz’ Hebrew manuscript shows nine pentacles in a section titled “Concerning the sanctity of the nine Kandariri talismansrevealed unto King Solomon ” 48aa. Soniel et Aaniel; L Note that Abognazar switches the characters around the circumference.

The third column starting with 1 shows the hours from midnight to midnight, and where it is shaded indicates night. Figure 36, from Aub. First ye must consider that noe experiment whether he be smale or greate can be made and therefore the makers of artes and experiments that knoweth not this booke can never come to effect of any thinge.

Then you may begin to perform the said experiment, which you may complete at any time that has been noted, but if the time and day are not mentioned, use those discussed in the chapter on the hours.

Key of Solomon – Wikipedia

But all this will only be true, when accompanied by the Pentacles which hereinafter follow, seeing that the Seals, Characters, and Divine Names, serve only to fortify the work, to preserve from unforeseen accidents, and to attract the familiarity of the Angels and Spirits; which is one reason, my Son, that before making any experiment, I order thee to read and re-read my Testament, not once only but many times, clavocles that being perfectly instructed in the several Ceremonies thou mayest in no way fail, and that thus what solomkn have previously appeared to thee difficult and lengthy, may become in process of time easy and of very great use.

It will be sufficient to take only those pentacles which are actually required, they should be sewed to the front of the linen robe, on the chest, with the consecrated needle of the art, and with a thread which has been woven by a young girl. The corrections to Mathers’ translation are based on my research; these have all been documented in the footnotes.


And we conjure, oblige, and terribly exorcise ye, that ye draw near unto us without delay and without fear, as far as is possible unto ye, here before this circle, as supplicants gently and with discretion, to accomplish our will in all and through all. Characters of Mars Divine Letters of Mars.

Note also the misspelling “Tetagramaton” for “Tetragrammaton. The pentacles are badly drawn. Mathers’ presentation of the Key solpmon Solomonwhich is still in print, though the work of an uncritical hand, must be held to remove the necessity for entering into a detailed account of the contents of that curious work. De Laurence I cannot begin to convey my contempt for L.

They are all in French.

Figure 28, from Sl. It can be as made on a plate of very pure gold on the month, day, and hour as above.

One of the oldest existing manuscripts besides Harleian is a text in English translation, entitled The Clavicle of Solomon, revealed by Ptolomy the Grecian and dated to Sloane Sebeva and another note on which is written the name of the one that you like. Articles containing Hebrew-language text All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from November Articles with unsourced statements from January Articles needing additional references from September All articles needing additional references.

S ti Amen etc. The foal while being born brings on the forehead a small piece of flesh which is called Hyppomanes [Hippomanes]. Then he shall kindle a fire with dry rue, upon which he shall put powdered assafoetida, and other things of evil odour; after which let him put the aforesaid names, written on parchment or virgin paper, upon the fire, saying: The aforesaid characters being engraved, you will incense them saying the same oration, Hel, Ya, etc.

The Veritable Clavicles of Solomon,

And when they are clean and pure, let each put upon him garments of white linen, pure, and clean, using the prayers and ceremonies described in Book II. Solomon and the Ars Notoria.

And over it you should say the oration: But if the matter is to be accomplished by invocation, before thy conjurations, thou shalt say devoutly in thine heart: In whichever part of the world you may be, and by whatever names you may be called, I conjure and appeal to you, O daemons who have the power to be overturn the hearts of men and women, through the one who created you out of nothing, that this night you immediately convene without delay, face to face, [exerting your influence?

Mathers gives the names in Hebrew characters; these are also given in Ad.