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R&S®CMU Universal Radio Communication Tester For more general information about the R&S®CMU, refer to the product . in manual mode. throughout this manual, CMU and CMU is generally used as an abbreviation for the Universal Radio Communication. Testers R&S CMU and R&S. note that not all GSM options described in this manual are supported. The different R&S CMU models are also described in the product brochures. The high.

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Single Shot The measurement is stopped after one statistics cycle Continuous The measurement is continued until explicitly terminated by the user; the results are periodically updated A third repetition mode is available in remote control: In Chapters 2 to 4 you will find detailed information on customizing the instrument and the display according to your personal preferences. In the following, the most important possible inputs using the rotary knob or the numerical keys will maanual described.

Further information on the options is to be found in the data sheet. Tables facilitate the cmu2200 of larger amounts of data. The input is terminated upon confirmation. Use the backspace key to delete the character to the left of the cursor in insert mode.

Compared to previous versions, this new firmware provides numerous extensions and improvements. Activate Activate the current firmware configuration.

Rohde & Schwarz R&s CMU200 Universal Radio Communication Tester GSM GPRS WCDMA

Complete Set In Mint Condition. A hotkey is activated by pressing the associated key. Tested to power on display is shown.

Note the difference in the calculation of Average on one hand, Minimum, Maximum and Max. Unknown 1 November at To ensure quick and easy operation, uniform menus have been implemented. Back to previous screen Close the current screen and go back to the main screen.


Audio Multitone The labeling of each softkey on the right side of the menu contains the function group, an icon indicating the test mode, and the measurement assigned to the softkey. In the function group RF only Non Signalling measurements are provided. The function of the softkeys is as follows: Step 5 The Time tab of the Setup menu displays the current msnual zone, time and date. Calculation of average quantities The Average traces in the Spectrum menus are obtained as follows: User-defined parameters will be saved for later sessions when the CMU is switched off.

An incompatible new base software must be installed as a new base software. To change the menu, the hotkeys at the lower edge of the main menu are used. This menu is usually closed as soon as the instrument software is loaded and the startup test is finished. Alternatively, follow the directions given in the mamual two sections. Tabs Popup menus come without tabs 1 single window or with several tabs pages. The range of values depends on the RF input used. Input Fields An input field editor is a white, rectangular area on the screen which permits numbers or characters to be entered.

A more detailed description of the hardware connectors and interfaces can be found in chapter 8.

Used Rohde & Schwarz CMU Universal Radio Communication Tester | MATsolutions

If SSB modulation is set, the frequency of the RF carrier signal cmk200 shifted by the AF frequency, which can be either positive mabual negative.

A message box Please insert disc! D A TA Fig. Move to one of the input fields associated to the Time parameter, select with ENTER and use cm200 rotary knob or the numeric keypad to correct the settings for the current time.


Mamual, the following hotkey defining the scope of the measurement is associated to the Power vs Time softkey: This setting ensures the full dynamic range of the CMU and is therefore recommended for Power and Spectrum measurements.

Note the permissible ranges of AC voltages and frequencies indicated at the rear of the instrument and in the data sheet. Before a directory is deleted, the CMU generates a similar warning: The RF connectors to be used and the external attenuation The reference signal and system clock All settings made in the Connect.

Towards upper values to the minimum value of the new output. All Auction Buy It Now. They are explained in more detail in the Measurement Configurations Power Configuration section on page 4.

General Settings A number of settings can be made in several of the configuration menus assigned to the individual measurement groups. The manual is subdivided into the data sheet plus 10 chapters: Markers Markers are a graphical tool used to locate points on a trace and read out their coordinates.

The operating menus in the CMU basic system, the RF function group, and optional function cmh200 are presented in an overview at the end of this chapter and described in greater detail in Chapter 4. It is organized like a typical measurement session manuwl the following stages: Main menu Offers the main settings controlling a measurement maanual displays the main results.

Show only see all. The function groups for network test applications are optional and described in separate operating manuals. Yes, they are a great bit of gear.