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Proizvodnja alatnih mašina * Univerzalni strugovi * Univerzalni – teški strugovi * Teški strugovi sa cikličnim upravljanjem FAGOR CNC * Strugovi srednje veličine . Vi ste ovde: Početak · Svi Industrijski Sektori () · obrada metala () · alatne mašine za obradu rezanjem () · strug (54); CNC strugovi (33).

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Strugovi Potisje Montage See the video of the lathe on our website. Delivered to the customer. Special lathe for machining turbine blades.

S.R. Janković

Production program Heavy duty universal lathes. The Trade Fairs in Celje is open. Repair, overhaul and reconstruction of the lathes is based on customer requirements.

Overhauled machine EEN repair procedure. Special machine and special unit of machine is made on the basis of specific technical requirements of customers.

Repair procedure of PAR Swing above bed mm, distance between centers mm, central lubrication system, cooling system. Watch our video presentation. At the front cross slide, on the column of the Y-axis, there is a 12 positional driven tool holder for turning and milling processing.

  BELAZ 75600 PDF

Swing diameter above bed mm, distance between centers mm, spindle bore 90mm. The programming is easy with a built processing cycles. GIO Tehnika doo Ljubljana. Main characteristic of the machine are: Heavy duty CM lathes enable precise processing in manual, semi-automatic and automatic mode.

Photo of overhauled machines, before repair and after repair. International Industry Fair – Celje – Slovenia – 4. Intertool Industrial Fair in Celje is ended – High strugg. PD CM sold. We delivered the mm heavy duty lathe for our Russian partner.

Potisje ADA Strugovi | Productionofmachine tools

Each type of machine manufactured in conventional as well as CNC version. The strategy of our company is the technical and technological development cjc our products, the preservation of the quality and to built flexible partnership. In our program, there are machines to handle heavier workpieces, the PA and PD series and “Morando” lathes which represents the average size of the machine.


Swing diameter above bed mm, distance between centers mm, spindle bore 90 mm. Swing diameter above bed: The machine is cnf to process turbine blades with traditional turning processing, milling processing, live tools and with special swirling turning unit without rotating the work-piece.

Characteristic of the machine are: Machine overhauling – Machine upgrade. Special machines and special units for lathes. PA Ready for delivery.

PD CM. New image of the collective. Ended overhauling TNP Prvomajska. In addition to the standard axis, the machine is equipped with C-axis, with Y-axis and with two atrug slides. Strugovi Potisje Ada 90 years tradition and experience.

Heavy duty lathe with CNC Teach-in control. The lathes are produced in different sizes, for working diameter of mm, length to mm. EEN ended mechanical overhauling.

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