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Blackness, Colorism, and Epidermalization of Inferiority in Zora Neale Hurston’s Color Struck: A Fanonian Reading of the Play. Article (PDF Available) · January. She treats them poorly solely for the color of their skin and because it produced (according to Zora Neale Hurston: Collected Plays edited by. Color Struck. A Play in Four Scenes. Time: Twenty years ago and present. Place: .A Southern City. JOHN- A light brown-skinned The Man. EMMALINE- A Black.

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The men, the jobs-everything! Ah keep on tellin’ you Ah don’t love nobody but you. Ah wuz jus’thinkin’, mah folks is away now on a little trip-be home day after tomorrow -we could git married tomorrow.

Taint no sense in your acting like this. Just look at de darkies coming! Come on John and Emma.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Some men are heard tuning up-getting pitch to sing. On the verge tears he…exits quietly….

We aint talked, you aint kissed me an’ nothin’, and you aint showed me our girl. People are departing, laughing, humming, with quartet cheering.

A dead silence except for the sound of the rocker and an occasional groan from the bed. John leaves, and the doctor arrives. Ab aint but forty-two and you aint forty yet-we got plenty time. What’s our daughter’s name? Our child looks pretty sick, but she’s pretty. Hurston was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship to travel to Haiti and conduct research on conjure in Howdy do, Miss Effie, you’se lookin’ jes lak a rose.

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Color Struck by Emily Borne on Prezi

She takes her place. It’s me alright, old girl. Afew seats remain unoccupied. Wesley stands looking at Emma in surprise. B y unanimous decision de cake goes to de couple from Jacksonville!

Color Struck by Zora Neale Hurston

Does Emma Beasely live here? I don’t want to be jealous like you are. Color Struck by Zora Neale Hurston. What sora skeered about? De darker de berry, de sweeter de taste!

Color Struck ‹ Undermain Theatre

Hot stuff I reckon! There is a groan from the bed. You won’t go it-You’ll come on go home with me all by ourselves. Taint no ‘Walkers’ never walked till John and Emmaline prance out-you mighty come a tootin’.

They two-step back to their seat amid much sttruck. She calls herself a big cigar, but I kin smoke her. Color Struck was not staged during the Harlem Renaissance. You aint changed none atall, Emma, jus’ as pretty as a speckled pup yet. Oh, you tries to run over me an’ keep it under de cover, but Ah won’t let yuh. There is a murmur of struc, as she steps into the aisle. Now then- he strikes a pose for St. Doctor stguck at her curiously, then sympathetically takes out a small box of pills, and hands them to her.


You all can’t even hear your names called. Effie takes the arm that John offers her and they parade to the other end of the hall.

John and Emma offer the The Man next them some supper. He accepts, though he knows it will upset Emma. Oh, let’s we all just sit in the dark awhile.

JOHN leans over impulsively to catch her hand. Emma springs to her feet and flings the curtains wide open. The couples are “prancing” in their tracks. She seats herself and rocks monotonously and stares struci of the door.

One of the Men standing, lifting his “plug” in a grand The Manner. John sits in the chair beside the table. Four of them crowd together in one seat and begin the chorus of “Daisies Won’t Tell. How I hate em!

Reckon Ah better go git a doctor. You was such a handsome girl! There are no discussion topics on this book yet.