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please we need a comet , with a bore of 3/4some team that want to sell the cvt please contact methanks. Hi, I am a team member of ‘Team IIT Delhi Mini Baja. I want to know the reduction of Comet at RPM, which should not be If you got your comet clutches from Roy at QDS, they are tuned for the 10HP Briggs engine. If you couldn’t get it into the overdrive ratios you.

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Whats good about that thought is that you can try different ratios test for more torque or more top speed and not get penalized. I am attaching some photos of the CVT, can anybody tell me something about it? We usually respond within a few hours. Like I said, I just thought it was a Gaged. Also for anybody wondering what was up with us at RIT we failed big time in accel due to a number of factors, most of which were my fault.

Lessons learned for this year I suppose. There is a thread on here somewhere 7990 discusses the effect of c-c distance specifically. Calculating engagement speed is very involved and unless you have someone dedicating allot of time to modeling and testing don’t even try to calculate it. We always ordered the Comet series from QDS that was already tuned for a briggs and stratton.


I can’t think of a transmission that doesn’t slip when a car starts from a dead stop. By P-Dog in forum Motor – Engine. Anyone use EBS belts on the P90 and what mods are required? I can only imagine that running it substantially closer would enhance this problem and also delay shift out behavior and lengthen the amount of time the coomet is slipping.

Racing, Riding and Gathering Hole The redness and hotness This kit will work on engines up to 11 hor Calculating the full engagement point wasn’t really a priority.

comet bore 3/4 – Official Baja SAE Forums

Guys, if anyone has experience in using unconventional CVTechs please share your knowledge, because the CVTech guy is not really helping. The Secondary will be partially shifted out at Idle. It will help you get more power out of your small engine by reducing engine load. Everything up to this engagement point is the engine reving up, going from rpm to rpm all the way up to your engagement point.

Number of bids and bid amounts may be slightly out of date.

During the initial engagement period when a clutch is slipping, whether it’s a CVT or manual clutch you can assume max torque is being delivered. It should be non-linear. The driver mates right up to the Briggs, and the driven uses a key.

I want to know if trying them is even a worthy attempt or should i just stick to the basic model. If it is so then how our vehicle start moving. Me and my current teammates do not know the model and the specifications of the CVT like centre to centre distance, low and high ratio. If you ran the CVTech with 22″ comwt and your I would make the clutch setup maintain that RPM or slightly below.


Comet 790 Cvt PDF

Univ of Wisconsin – Madison. See each listing for international shipping options and costs. Does this line means that CVT engages with the engine when our vehicle has some speed.

You only need to pay shipping, the unit is free to Baja teams, and requires no modifications for use on a baja car. Universidade de Sao Paulo. This is the model currently offered to students Info is in the form available below: How much cvy you looking to spend?

Comet Clutch

I think my seniors used that. It fits all engines with a 1 inch straight crankshaft. You want this because if you refer to the torque curves it is the point where the vehicle is producing maximum Horsepower.

No it is a dumb question. This new clutch would It has a low of 3. My guess would be just adjusting the spacing of the sheaves.