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La corrupción azul: el despilfarro en las transiciones presidenciales. Front Cover. Daniel Lizárraga. Random House Mondadori, – Language Arts. Corrupcion azul/Blue Corruption: El despilfarro en las transiciones presidenciales/Waste in Presidential Transitions by Daniel Lizarraga at : Corrupcion azul / Blue Corruption: El despilfarro en las Edition ) () by Daniel Lizarraga and a great selection of similar New.

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The core principles of the effort are teamwork and a multi-method, multi-perspective approach to investigative journalism. From the Amazon to the Transylvanian forest: Anya Shhiffrin has been working to assemble a large lizaarraga set of international online news initiatives around the world to see if there are discernable points in common and to understand patterns of success and failure.

Russia is one of the most powerful countries on earth and yet it is also one of the least understood. In this session, we’ll take a global tour of the latest in investigative and data-based stories, highlighting innovations in analysis and presentation.

Algirdas Lipstas joined the Media Program now the Program on Independent Journalism as project manager in charge primarily of lizzrraga to journalism training projects.

The relationship between journalist and whistleblower is a sensitive one. Abeer Saady is an award-winning Egyptian journalist, consultant and trainer with 24 years of work in the field of media across the Arab world. He promoted the first fact checking project on the General One has been aired on Al Jazeera English documenting continued abuse inside Tunisian jails four years after the revolution toppled the dictatorship of Zine El Abdine Ben Ali.

Daniel Lizárraga – Global Investigative Journalism Conference (GIJC13)

Design Principles for News Apps While the tools and techniques to present large datasets in a visual way may differ from project to project, the basic design principles stay pretty much the same whether you’re creating a poster or a news application. Visitors should go home with a running crypto toolset on their laptops.

If you plan to go to later sessions on programming web scrapers, and if you have no prior knowledge of programming, you might want to start with this session. Joe Davidson Advisor, U. Clare Rewcastle Brown is a British journalist and the founder and editor of the website Sarawak Report, which has come to prominence for challenging wide scale political corruption in Malaysia and the impacts on civil and indigenous rights as well as on the lizarragga.


Environmental Reporting Great story projects, investigative techniques, and collaborations have come out of the Global Investigative Journalism Conference since our first meeting in Eager to learn how radio professionals get those great interviews that are personal and revealing? Her responsibilities include fundraising and donor relations, dsniel This makes them vulnerable TO stress reactions and other health problems. Evelyn Groenik and Anas Aremeyaw Anas will explore how get African investigative journalism on international platforms.

Working with Whistleblowers Whistle Blowers are becoming increasingly important sources for investigative journalists. Since he works for the radio program Argos, since as deputy editor-in-chief.

Andreas Bakke Foss Journalist, Aftenposten. Leslee Udwin Documentary filmmaker, Assassin Films. How can we reinvigorate investigative reporting on international development topics? And after the event occurs, there will be further events and consequences. Log in Sign up.

Daniel Lizárraga

Perhaps then, those of us who believe that capital punishment serves a purpose, and I am not amongst them, could wring their hands in relief when they are hanged. It will give you important tips on how to examine your own idea, how to convince human sources to cooperate with you, how to get the evidence you need, how to demand accountability and how to make sure that everything you publish is accurate, fair and relevant.

IMSI-catchers are used by law enforcement in the Norwegian capital of Oslo, for tracking organized crime and intelligence-gathering. Megan has worked in radio, TV and most recently, newspapers. How To Support Investigative Newsrooms There are at least nonprofit organizations in over 50 countries doing, teaching, and promoting investigative journalism.

Investigating Organized Crime with Open Data 2 Are you still complaining about the lack of data to investigate corruption and organized crime in your country? From data search to data visualization: She began her reporting career in the Philippines Leslee Udwin is an independent British filmmaker based in London.


A career business journalist who has reported and written on Indian bu Brant Houston is the Knight Chair in Investigative Reporting at the University of Illinois where he teaches and works on projects and research involving the use of data analysis in journalism.

Corrupcion azul / Blue Corruption : Daniel Lizarraga :

New Models and Startups What are the secrets of successful startups? Freelance data journalist, programming coach, avid pythonista and corrupciin of Elvis map me tender by profession, gardener by hobby. V Editor, Guardian Visuals. Over 30, refugees and migrants have died in their attempt to reach or stay in Europe since the year And then there is always some risk of becoming a direct target of harassment, detention or physical violence.

From Mexico to Pakistan, Angola to Malaysia, reporters refuse to be silenced, despite facing kidnappings, death threats, beatings, imprisonment, and harassment. For years, he has been covering the war in Afghanistan and several cases about abuse of power in the Danish administration. How to Investigate Disasters Three investigative reporters presents how to investigate disasters.

Find email addresses, friend lists and phone numbers — even if this information seems private. Microsoft Access is the way to start.

Can independent media really corrupcikn Tool Kits for Teaching Horvit will review the many journalism toolkits for various beats and topics that are offered by Investigative Lizareaga and Editors and the methodology behind them.

Open Danoel is the best tool to clean really dirty data — the kind of data in which the same corrupcionn might be spelled in 30 different ways. Create Your Own Event. He is also giving lessons in this subject at the schools of journalism at the Norwegian universities. What are the keys to building and sustaining a nonprofit investigative news organization?

How eliminating the corporate income tax will hurt developing countries which depend on it.