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POLSKI BEZOKOLICZNIK PAST TENSE PAST PARTICIPLE być be was / were been bić beat beat beaten stawać się become became become zaczyna. INFINITIVE. PAST TENSE. PAST PARTICIPLE. ZNACZENIE awake [ełejk] awoke [ełołk] awoken [ełołken], awoke [ełołk] obudzić, wzbudzić be [bi] was [łoz], were. czasowniki nieregularne w jezyku angielskim, irregular verbs, spis z tlumaczeniami.

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I’ve burnt the toast.

You can hang your coat on the hook beside the door. I dream about holiday.

Czasowniki nieregularne new english file intermediate – język angielski

What time do you leave for school? You must forgive him, he’s very ill. He has draw a tree on the wall. The boy had always learned quickly.

Czasowniki nieregularne w języku angielskim

I have bougt a house recently. I held the wallet tight in my hand. The river has frozen during the night.


She got a letter from her boyfriend. I can’t bear the pain nieregulafne. I left the building an hour ago. The house Tom built is wonderful.

Angielskie czasowniki nieregularne

A dog dug a hole in our garden. Niergeularne you cut your hair recently? She couldn’t read when she was three. I drank delicious juice yesterday. Have you ever been to Rome?

I drink a coffee every morning.

Don’t let her keep you from your responsibilities. The balloon will burst. I won’t lend you anything else. Sue can draw well.

Czasowniki nieregularne – ćwiczenia, testy, krzyżówki –

Have you heard the latest news? Every day I catch the bus to work. You can’t hit him without a reason. I saw a lot of nice dresses yesterday and I chose the red one. I can’t bear it. I dropped my phone but Emily caught it. I fell when I was dancing at the party last night. I will get you nisregularne book next time.

May I keep it? Can you hear me? He laid the book on a table. My dog has grown and it is nieregularrne big now.


Could you hold it for a moment? Could you lend me some money? They haven’t beaten us yet. Has your dog ever bitten you?