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Long lifetime guarantee thanks to the optimisation of start/stop cycles, DC motors and overall safety. › Daikin’s Conveni-Pack system runs on RA refrigerant. One system four functions. You are not dreaming. Conveni-pack consists of heating, cooling AND low/high refrigeration units, all combined in a single, compact.

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Medium-sized stores For larger applications, multiple outdoor units can be connected to a variety of refrigeration systems and air conditioning units. Convenipack can be connected to any brand of showcases, counters xaikin coldroom evaporators as long as the total connected capacity does not exceed the maximum capacity doesn’t exceed the maximum of the convenipack and conveni-psck long as the connected units are suited to work with RC as a refrigerant.


Air Conditioning – Heat pumps.

Because you need a low energy system. Compared to conventional systems, a great advantage of Conveni-pack for a small store is the simplified piping required to connect the Conveni-pack outdoor unit to the indoor services.

Daikin Conveni-Pack, Daikin Conveni Pack, Four Function Air Conditioning

Conveni-pack ensures that your total energy usage for heating, cooling and refrigeration is minimised, thus significantly reducing energy bills. Click image to enlarge One system four functions You are not dreaming.

Conveni-pack totally revolutionises this approach Conveni-pack is specifically designed and developed for small to medium-sized stores or petrol stations. Small stores For small convenience stores and petrol stations, a single Conveni-pack system is all that is required. Conveni-pack can be provided with a freezer booster pack for use with low temperature refrigeration.

This option brings additional daikon savings and simplifies installation by limiting the length of heavily insulated pipe required. Instead of eight pipes you need daikib three, as fewer units have to be inter-connected. You are not dreaming.


AIr refrigeration unit CONVENI-PACK AC17 By DAIKIN Air Conditioning

Outdoor units can be grouped into blocks or rows, or distributed around the building, to meet specific requirements of the installation. Additionally, the outdoor units can be located above or below the refrigeration cabinets, inside the building and with long runs if required. Conveni-pack is specifically designed and developed for small to medium-sized stores or petrol stations. Furthermore, the concept is scalable, so can be easily expanded as your facility grows.

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