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During an assassination attempt, a councilor’s path crosses with that of a group of heroes from the mortal realm. Together, she and the PCs must venture into. Over long years, the folk of Mithrendain forgot the dark threats of old, And so none suspect that corruption lurks at the heart of the city. So, this was free on Wizards of the Coast, but now it seems all of their free stuff isn’t working anymore. Does anyone have this campaign and.

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Dark Heart of Mithrendain

Results 1 to 2 of 2. Join Date Sep Posts 1, Did anybody run or play this adventure? I’m looking for something to use as filler when we can’t get our usual Keep heatt the Shadowfell game going, and this seems interesting because it focuses on the Feywild, eladrin and evil fey, which are all among the more interesting parts of 4E’s implied setting.


But how does it actually play out? In particular, the lengthy social skill challenge seems suspicious to me.

The DCs range from 10 to 21, with most of them at This seems awfully low for 12th-level PCs. Or am I misjudging the difficulty of the challenge?

Dark Heart of Mithrendain – RPG Crossing

It does take 10 checks to succeed, before 3 failures, so if individual checks are anything but easy, there’s a significant chance of failure How does the rest of the adventure play out? Anything to watch out for?

Join Date Mar Posts I have not, but I’m eager to hear some feedback. As I plan on running something similar once my players make it to the feywild, I’d like to know what I can pull and what should be reworked.

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