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The Consolations of Philosophy is Alain de Botton’s internationally bestselling guide to life. Alain de Botton, bestselling author of How Proust Can Change Your . The Consolations of Philosophy, by Alain de Botton. Hamilton, £, digested in the style of the original. Buy it at BOL. Thu 6 Apr 85 quotes from The Consolations of Philosophy: ‘Booksellers are the most valuable destination for the lonely, given the numbers of books written because.

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I was given the name Dr. They begin to talk and she agrees to have dinner.

The Consolations of Philosophy Quotes by Alain de Botton

There may be no good reason for things to be the way they are. Sadly I could only afford three of them, but does not Epicurus teach us that it is OK not to have enough money?

Anxiety may precipitate panic, or an accurate analysis of what is amiss. If your life is beset by difficulty after difficulty, wise advice may be found in the words of Nietzsche. And Nietzsche has shrewd counsel for everything from loneliness to illness. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Dividing his work into six sections — each highlighting a different psychic ailment and the appropriate philosopher — de Botton offers consolation for unpopularity from Socrates, for not having enough money from Epicurus, for frustration from Seneca, for inadequacy from Montaigne, and for a broken heart from Schopenhauer the darkest of thinkers and yet, paradoxically, the most cheering.


The Consolations of Philosophy

Philosophy books Alain de Botton. Jonathan Learwriting in the New York Times said: That is the thread that connects them back to Socrates — even if they are not willing to follow him into the marketplace — and that is the thread that The Consolations of Philosophy cuts. Imagine, if you will, a man who meets a woman on a train who reminds him of a strangely moving picture in a Danish museum. Just call it The Little Book of Calm for the chattering classes.

This man is NOT me. The Consolations of Philosophy is a book as accessibly erudite as it is useful and entertaining.

We can notify you when this item is back in stock. This page was last edited on 15 Septemberat Philksophy will the next book be about?

Why is my philosophy series only being shown on Channel 4 and not on BBC1? He invites her to stay the re but she says she has to get up early the next morning to go to Frankfurt. A few critics have been negative.

Consolation for envy — and, of course, the final word on consolation — comes from Nietzsche: The Consolations of Philosophy Quotes Showing of But uncover he does, and the result is an unexpected book of both solace and humor. Nothing in this travesty deserves its consolationns Boethius must be turning in his grave.

The Consolations of Philosophy. We suffer because we cannot spontaneously master the ingredients of fulfillment.

The Consolations of Philosophy Quotes

His best-selling… More about Alain De Botton. Hadn’t I known acute difficulties in my life? Perhaps only Alain de Botton could uncover practical wisdom in the writings of some of the greatest thinkers of all time.


Alain de Botton is the author of nonfiction works on subjects ranging from love and travel to architecture and philosophy. Just a pholosophy while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. We fail to ask ourselves the cardinal and most consoling question: Topics Books Digested read. These are categorised in a number of chapters with one philosopher used in each. Inspired by Your Browsing History.

Epicurus is very relevant. The Consolations of Philosophy is smart, lucid, and pleasing, a rare sort of book that wonderfully fulfills the promise of its title. De Botton finds inspiration where others might fail to look. About Alain De Botton Alain de Botton is the author of nonfiction works on subjects ranging from love and travel to architecture and philosophy.

Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more. How did you come to write The Consolations of Philosophy?

Of the six philosophers covered in your book, whose achievements resonate the most strongly? First published by Hamish Hamilton insubsequent publications onwards have been by Penguin Books.

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