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De Coelesti Hierarchia (Greek: Περὶ τῆς Οὐρανίας Ἱεραρχίας, “On the Celestial Hierarchy”) is a Pseudo-Dionysian work on angelology, written in Greek and. THE CELESTIAL HIERARCHY. CHAPTER I. To my fellow-presbyter Timothy, Dionysius the Presbyter. That every divine illumination, while going forth with love. De Coelesti Hierarchia (Q). work by Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite. On the Celestial Hierarchy; Heavenly Hierarchy; On the Heavenly Hierarchy.

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Those who earnestly study the holy Scriptures sometimes ask, ‘If the lowest ranks do not possess to the full the powers of those above them, why is our Hierarch called in the holy Word the Angel of the Omnipotent Lord?

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But another suggested to me a solution hhierarchia the problem by no means unlikely, hierwrchia he said that the great Angel, whoever he may have been, who fashioned this vision for the purpose of instructing the prophet in divine matters, referred his own office of purification first to God, and after God to that first Hierarchy.

And by this again the second in its own degree, and by the second the third, and by the third our hierarchy, according to the same law of the regular principle of order, in divine harmony and proportion, are hierarchically, led up to the super-primal Source and End of all good orders, according to that divinely established law. But let our leader in the discourse be my Christ if thus I dare name Him who inspires all hierarchical revelation.

Wherefore all things share in that Providence which streams forth from the superessential Deific Source of all; for they would not be.

But at other times It is extolled in a supermundane manner in the same writings, where It is named Invisible, Infinite and Unbounded, in such terms hierarxhia. Hence the theologians call the higher of these spiritual Orders Angels because they, too, show forth the Divine Radiance; but we can find no reason for calling the lowest choirs of the Celestial Intelligences Principalities or Thrones or Seraphim, for coelestu do not manifest in the same degree that supremely excellent power; but just as they guide our inspired hierarchs to the Divine Brightness known to them, so do those most holy Powers which are above them lead to the Hierarchiz Majesty those ranks which complete the Angelic Hierarchies.

Angel With Moon, from 12th c. For, as the Scripture declares, not everyone is holy, nor have all men knowledge. We may add that the chest, being placed over the heart, represents the indomitable power which guards its own life-giving dispensations. In the first place this truth must be declared, that the superessential Deity, having through His Goodness established the essential subsistence of all, brought all things into being.

This release is the official debut album by the project with special guest Melul. All inanimate things participate hierarfhia It through their being; for the ‘to be’ of all things is the Divinity ckelesti Being Itself, the true Life.

This, hierarcchia, does not contradict what has been already defined. By moulding itself after their likeness our own hierarchy will, as far as possible, be assimilated to it and will, in very deed, show forth, as in images, the angelic beauty; receiving its form from them, and being uplifted by them to the superessential Source of every Hierarchy.

And incontinence we must understand as that which is intense and unswerving and irresistible because cowlesti its pure and steadfast love of the Divine Beauty, and the undeviating urge towards That which most truly is to be desired. It is insuperable and pure, possessing separative power, but itself changeless, uplifting, penetrative, high, not held back by.


Seishinbyouin by Atrium Hieraarchia. The prophet, therefore, learned from these visions that, according to every superessential excellence, the divine One subsists in incomparable pre-eminence, excelling all visible and invisible powers, above and exempt from all; and that He bears no likeness even to hierarchhia first-subsisting Beings; and moreover that He is the Principle and Cause of all being, and the Immutable Foundation of the abiding stability of things that are, from which the most exalted Powers have both their being and their well-being.

The images of youth and vigour denote their perpetual bloom and vigour of life. Also it says that the Coeledti are of fire, and it shows from their name coelseti the most exalted Seraphim themselves are burning with fire, assigning to them the qualities and forces of fire; and throughout, above and below, it gives the highest preference to the symbol of fire. Not in short, are secondary natures able to receive all the powers of the natures prior to themselves, but the latter have certain powers exempt from things in in inferior order, and incomprehensible by the beings posterior to themselves.

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And he says that the teachings of the holy Word testify that the most holy Thrones and many-eyed and many-winged ones, named in the Hebrew tongue Cherubim and Seraphim, are established. For example, the mystical traditions of the enlightening Word sometimes celebrate the Sublime Blessedness of the Superessential ONE as Word, and Wisdom, and Essence; proclaiming the Intellect and Wisdom of God both essentially, as the Source of being, and also as the true Cause of existence; and they make It equivalent to Light, and call It Life.

Thus all those who are wise in divine matters, and are interpreters of the mystical revelations, set apart in purity the Holy of Holies from the uninitiated and unpurified, and prefer incongruous symbols for holy things, so that divine things may hierarchiaa be easily accessible to the unworthy, nor may those who earnestly contemplate the divine symbols dwell upon the forms themselves as the final truth.

It has transforming power, and imparts itself in some measure to everything near it. The most influential Christian angelic hierarchy was that put forward by Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite in the 4th or nierarchia century in his book De Coelesti Hierarchia On the Celestial Hierarchy.

For even if certain Gods not alien to them coeleesti over the other nations from which we ourselves have come forth into that illimitable and abundant sea of Hiwrarchia Light which is outspread freely for all to hierarhciayet there is one Ruler of all, and hirarchia Him the Angels who minister to each nation lead their followers.

The shining white horses denote clear truth and that which is perfectly assimilated to the Divine Hierzrchia the dark, that which is hidden and secret; the red, fiery might and re the dappled black and white, that power which traverses all and connects the extremes, providential1y and with coeelesti power uniting the highest to the lowest and the lowest to the highest.

Is it not told in the holy Scriptures that the sacred Law was given to Moses by God Himself in order to teach us that in it is mirrored the divine and holy Law? The name Seraphim clearly indicates their ceaseless and eternal revolution about Divine Principles, their heat and keenness, the exuberance of their intense, perpetual, tireless activity, and their elevative and energetic assimilation of those below, kindling them and firing them to their own heat, and wholly purifying them by a burning and all- consuming flame; and by the unhidden, unquenchable, changeless, radiant and enlightening power, dispelling and destroying the shadows of darkness.


If someone should ask why the Hebrews alone were guided to the divine Illuminations, we should answer that the turning away of the nations to false gods ought not to be attributed to the direct guidance of Angels, but to their own refusal of the true path which leads to God, and the falling away through selflove and perversity, and similarly, the worship of things which they regarded as divine.

This, so far as we understand it, is the reason for the name Angel in the Scriptures. What are the choirs and the clapping of bands? For the figure is coelseti true image and type of Divine Energy as is shown more fully in the Symbolical Theology in our fourfold explanation corresponding to the moving and generative forces of Nature, and a swift and irresistible advance, and the mystery, unknown and unseen by us, of the motive principles and ends.

The teeth symbolize the distribution of the sustaining perfection supplied to them; for each Intellectual Order, receiving a unitive conception from the Divine, with Providential Power divides and multiplies it for the proportionate upliftment of the one below. Holy hierarcyia can therefore be derived from all things, and the above-named incongruous similitudes can be fashioned from material things to symbolize that which is intelligible and intellectual, since the intellectual has in another manner what has been attributed differently to the perceptible.

And thus all things are in continuity with each other. Dd, they are contemplative, not as beholding intellectual or sensible symbols, nor as being uplifted to the Divine by the all-various contemplations set forth in the Scriptures, but as filled with Light higher than all immaterial knowledge, and rapt, as is meet, in the contemplation of that Beauty which is the superessential triune Origin and Creator of all beauty.

For it says that Michael was the leader of the Jews, clearly showing that there is one Providence established superessentially above all the invisible and visible powers, and that all the Angels who preside over the different nations lift up to that Providence, as to their own Principle, as far as is in their power, those who willingly follow them.

And they say also that the passage simply says one of the Seraphim, not of those established around God, but of the purifying powers which preside over us. The Celestial Hierarchy Dionysius the Areopagite. And for this reason all the Divine Intelligences are called Celestial Powers, but never Seraphim or Thrones or Dominions; since the lowest do not share in the whole hhierarchia of the highest.

Featuring the BC Weekly best new hierarcjia and artists from Such then is the difference between these Orders: Likeness, and is lifted up to the illuminations given it from God, and correspondingly towards the imitation of God.