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Death and the Afterlife (Minneapolis: Bethany House Publishers, , cloth, pages). One of the first books written in response to The Fire That Consumes. A valuable reference work on a subject largely ignored by the Church in recent years. With the second book of Life Drawings the focus turns to the events those small blessings that God provides for us each day. In a series that is quite unique to the .

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The truth is that I didn’t even mention the passage. A “high view of Scripture” is demonstrated far better by one’s faithful use of it than by bold but bare claims which are easily made. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

He cites Ecclesiasticus 7: Morey correctly robegt that we take seriously the holiness, righteousness and justice of God, as well as God’s hatred of sin and the necessity of divine judgment pp. Karl S Keene rated it really liked it Jan 23, Amber rated it really liked it Sep 09, Although Morey’s book contains many historical, biblical and theological errors, it is not all bad.

Traditionalists protest vigorously to all this. The Old Testament uses more than 70 different Hebrew words or phrases to depict the fate of the wicked, they note, and not one of them sounds anything like everlasting conscious torment.

We already have agterlife Morey’s use of Edersheim and Josephus to prove his claim of a uniform Jewish view of final punishment at the time of Christ. The traditionalist argument is also silly.

After all, does not science tell us that nothing is ever actually annihilated but only changes form? Morey charges that conditionalists are robret seeking to “silence their conscience,” “justify their wicked lives” and “defend their evil ways” p.

He implies that even anti-Christian public opinion could not uproot the doctrine of the immortality of the soul from Christian minds. Even if it did, it might only mean they were importing into their Morry Old Testament a concept never found in the original Hebrew. To ask other readers questions about Death and the Afterlifeplease sign up.


Death and the Afterlife by Robert A. Morey

Finally, I commend Morey’s summary of the Bible’s teaching about the ultimate consequences of sin and of grace. We should instead remember Paul’s warnings against pagan philosophical notions which are contrary to the resurrection faith, as well as Jesus’ words about following the crowd down its aftelife road away from him and his teaching.

One reason is theological; the other is historical. Unfortunately, Morey falls headlong into this error pp. Bethany House Publishers,cloth, pages. He then spends the rest of the book telling why these words all really mean something exactly opposite their “plain meaning” in the minds of ordinary men and women of every age and land. Please roberf at least one item.

Death and the Afterlife by Robert A. Morey

Morey and other traditionalists argue that during the time between the Testaments the idea of hell as a place of everlasting conscious torment developed from Old Testament roots. As used here, a “conditionalist” is a person who holds that, because only God is inherently immortal deathlesshuman immortality is “conditional” and will be God’s gift to the redeemed in the resurrection.

The author of several books, Morey self-identifies as an apologist for orthodox Christianity and an exposer of cultic and non-Christian religions.

And did not Josephus, the Jewish apologist and Paul’s contemporary, report that Pharisees and Essenes alike held to what we have called the traditionalist view? The magazine was first named “Present Truth” because that had been the name of a pioneer SDA journal, and the publishers wished to make the point that the “present truth” for today 2 Pet.

Morey complains that conditionalists use biblical expressions like “eternal judgment” and “eternal redemption” to show rohert “eternal” sometimes describes the end result of an activity and not the process or act itself.


However, it is a different matter for an author today to echo Edersheim’s opinions as if we know no more about first-century Judaism than our forebears did a century ago. Theology Westminster Theological Seminary D. He declares that conditionalists do not mention passages in 4 Maccabees because they teach the traditional doctrine. Aug 04, Tyrone Harbert rated it it was amazing. Its influence spread because of its solid offerings, and it became popular in denominations around the world.

DEATH AND THE AFTERLIFE | Christian Liberty Books

He says that conditionalists ignore this passage and argues that it is “absurd” to claim Baruch as an advocate of the conditionalist view. Morey’s book is replete with this deceptive tactic. Whereas some Platonists held that the soul existed from eternity past and was inherently immortal, these Christian philosophers insisted that God created even the immortal soul. Morey also deserves credit for bravely noting that Jesus’ story of the Rich Man and Lazarus in Luke 16 is borrowed from a common rabbinical tale of the time, and that it should not be pressed into a literal preview of the world to come pp.

Myesa is currently reading it Mar 18, Ch rated it really liked it Aug 16, Nwabuisi marked it as to-read Oct 27, One would never suspect it from Morey’s book, but these very words Paul uses were part of dsath regular first-century Greek conversation about a person’s future ghe death. Other times, a book makes a blatant mistake in the foreword, and it is pretty indicative of what the book will be like. David Ellingson is currently reading it May 20,