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Title: Year-Old Virgin. By: Sierra_Sitruc. Rating: M. Genre: Humor/Romance. Pairing: Bella/Edward. Warning: OOC Edward, but it’s meant. Decoy – yearoldvirgin. Summary-. A deal that will change their lives: Bella Swan is tired of being a nobody and makes a deal with one of the most popular. She had said in chat one day, while I was writing Decoy, that people had Tagged yearoldvirgin, Decoy., Edward Cullen, Eight Days a.

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In the SmutLight – The Works of 107yearoldvirgin

I was attracted, physically. LOVED both of these!!

Dec 24, — Published: Of course, I knew women thought I was attractive. November 17, at 7: You are commenting using your Twitter account. Edward is a piano teacher who attends one of her performances and captures her attention.

But there are a few that 107yearoldirgin pwned me as I was reading them. I have two extra rooms…none of them RED…dammit, gotta go to the paint store now! Yeah I find that this one is her best fics.

The next story in the Spotlight is also complete and it makes me squee to get to rec it today because it falls into one of my fave fic categories: No vampires, but plenty of aliens. That hadn’t occurred to me before. Written in the stars is my absolute favorite.

See you down below for your recs!! I have a spreadsheet, one tab is for completed, and one tab is for WIPs. From college student to Queen… Can she learn to love this strange man and help save his people? Will send you an email shortly. There were some fan sightings in New Mexico and now one in Texas. It’s only that, reading minds can be a real drag.


Twilight Fanfiction ~ Pulled Fics « TwiFanfictionRecs

One of her tiny hands smacked at my ass. Nice road trip story PMD! I suppose my gentlemanly upbringing was a small part of it, but the main thing was that I was scared shitless of Bella taking off her clothes!

Jizztyping is oh so fun!! Jul 23 — Published: Already knowing her answer, I gracefully hoisted 107yearoldviirgin above her. I was hopeful to get some insight into what she had thought of our first time. I keep it in my purse and have ff at my fingertips.

I was only beginning to explain this to the love of my existence, Bella Swan, when she stopped me. Cancel reply Enter your comment here I bit a pillow to keep my lust in check. That was when everything changed. I know PC people have that downloader program. It comes naturally to me because I have always been that girl. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Do you have Microsoft Word? This woman was not wearing clothes for the rest of the honeymoon and she was going to be against my naked body the whole time. But is she who he thinks she is? I stared at her in shock. If so, what is it about the fic that catapults it to that status? She backed off with wide eyes and started reciting Anna Karenina in Russian. That must have reignited her arousal, because her hips undulated against mine.


Or the sex was hot? Lovely Sinday and Holiday, H00rs! Too bad she was still looking dumbstruck at me since I had admitted the truth about my…lack of experience. Another one I have to not read the last chapter of — but a great story!! That bench seat is big enough for several of us. The sun had slipped below the horizon, the last sliver of the brilliant orange disc vanished behind the waves. You know, I had a conversation with Snshyne about this very thing.

I too have read some wonderful stories and would like to share some recommendations, but the amount of content I have saved makes is hard to refer back to. He makes the sanest people do insane things things.

November 18, at Even 107yearoldvirginn that meant I had to tell her the dreaded truth of my virginity.