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Authors: Buyung Hadi, Jeffrey Bradshaw, Jan Knodel and Ken Ostlie. Seedcorn maggot is the larva of a small fly, Delia platura. This fly is widely. Genus: Delia. Species: D. platura. Subspecies: D. platura. Scientific Name. Delia platura (Meigen, ). Common Names. seedcorn maggot. Delia platura (Meigen, ). seedcorn maggot. polyphagous. Delia platura: cephalic skeleton of 3rd instar larva. cephalic skeleton of 3rd instar larva (from.

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Agricultural insect pests of temperate regions and their control.

Delia platura (soybean)

Ohara Institute of Landwirtsch, Forsch 5: Add New Comment all fields are required Name: Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food. Biology, morphology and parasites of Delia platura Meigen Diptera: The seedcorn maggot is a polyphagous pest, affecting more than 40 different host plants Ristich Delia platura is the most widespread anthomyiid Weston and MillerGriffiths occurring on all continents except Antarctica Griffiths Bishop Museum Press, Seedcorn maggot-induced damage is facilitated by early planting dates, heavy cover crops, and cool-wet weather Bessin Manual of Nearctic Diptera Annals of the Entomology Society of America Finch S, Collier RH, They complete their entire development within the soil by olatura into seeds or feeding on cotyledons emerging from seeds Bennett et al.

Phenology and distribution of Delia radicum L.

Seed corn maggot as a pest of field corn. Sodobno Kmetijstvo, 30 4: Structura speciilor de muste din genul Feliadaunatoare culturilor de fasole. Crop Protection, 14 6: ObermillerStuttgart, Germany.


Delia platura

Management Back to Top Biological Control: Anthomyiidae population biology and aestivation in central Iowa. Contributors own the copyright to and are solely responsible for contributed content. Upcoming Events Discussioninsects and people from the BugGuide Gathering plaura VirginiaJuly Photos of insects and people from the gathering in WisconsinJuly Photos of insects and people from the gathering in VirginiaJune Breeding for insect resistance in beans.

The larval period lasts nearly 21 days Bessinand the maggots develop over a large temperature range: Department of Agriculture, Crop Protection, 13 3: Canadian Entomologist, 6: Bournoville R, Cantot P, Flies of the Nearctic region.

Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata, 52 1: Reports of actively feeding seedcorn maggots increase during years when the spring is comparatively cool and damp and seeds germinate slowly ReidMiller and McClanahan Canadian Entomologist, 4: Pont, ; EPPO, However, live, green organic matter or animal manure that is incorporated into the soil in the spring attracts egg-laying flies.

Long-term conservation tillage studies: Ovipositional responses of seedcorn maggot, Delia platura Diptera: Add New Comment all fields are required. Further details may be available for individual references in the Distribution Table Details section which can be selected by going to Generate Report.

Catalog of the Diptera of the Australasian and Oceanian Regions. Timing of plowing and planting: Given its worldwide distribution, this species must have some mechanism to escape from high temperatures.

Anthomyiidae delai in central Iowa and examination of a thermal-unit system to predict development under field conditions.


Seed corn maggot, Delia platura Meigen. Please consider upgrading your browser to the latest version or installing a new browser.

The seedcorn maggot, platuda pest of winter white lupin. If seedcorn maggot adults are detected on yellow sticky traps in the field months before harvest, then we recommend a treatment for adults to reduce the level of contamination of the crop. Seedlings that germinate despite the damage are spindly, with few leaves, and die before maturation.

Delia platura – Bugwoodwiki

It was also recommended to drag a chain behind the planter to remove any seed row moisture gradient which otherwise could attract oviposition by adult flies. In contrast to initial concerns, the adoption of conservation tillage practices has not increased seedcorn maggot injury.

Nutrition and reproductive behavior of the seed-corn maggot, Hylemyia cilicrura Rond. Like most websites we use cookies. The calyptrate muscoid flies collected on weather plwtura located at the ocean weather paltura.

Entomology Collection > Delia platura

Studies on the thermal constants and seasonal occurrence of the seed-corn maggot in Wisconsin. Host Plants Back to Top Plafura seedcorn maggot is a polyphagous pest, affecting more than 40 different host plants Ristich Cultural Control Cultural methods are very important.

Pests of germinating corn and soybean.