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printer. NOTE: The Owner’s Manual may not be available in your country or region. . Dell MFP. Laser cn. Displays the printer product name. IP Address. Dellâ„¢ Multifunction Color Laser Printer cn User’s Guide Notes, Notices, and Connect a USB cable from the Dell MFP Laser cn to your computer. Click the links to the left for information on the features, options, and operation of your multifunction printer. For information on other documentation included with.

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If you are unable to locate an IP Address for your printer, check that you have disabled the Windows Firewall on your computer, and that your computer is properly connected to your wireless access point or wireless router, and that your USB cable is properly connected to your printer.

Specify a destination that is saved to the Phone Book on the PC. If the duplexer is not listed, turn off the multifunction printer, unplug the power cable, and reinstall the optional duplexer. Plain Thick Sets the reference voltage settings for the transfer roller for thick plain paper.

Dell 3115CN All in One Printer User Manual

Ensure that the fuser connector is firmly seated. Insert the wireless printer adapter into the USB socket with the Dell logo of the adapter facing out. See “Setting Copy Options”. The 2 Sided menu is only available when the optional duplexer is installed on the multifunctionprinter.


Panel Lock Set is displayed. Smoothness The degree of paper smoothness directly affects print quality. Enter the IP address of usee e-mail server. To specify PostScript communication protocol for each interface.

OffDoes not adjust the overall brightness to make the scanned copy overexposed uxer the original. Before loading the print media, flex the sheets back and forth, and then fan them. Storing ConsumablesStore consumables in their original packaging until you need to use them. Alert ToneSpecifies whether the multifunction printer sounds an alarm when an error occurs.

When you copy using this feature, the multifunction printer prints one side on the upper half of the paper andthe other side on the lower half without reducing the original.

Avoid pressing down on the multi-protocol card’s connector. Margin mm 0. For details about loading a document, delll “Loading an Original Document “. Select the I accept the terms of the license agreement option button, and then click Install.

Add PhoneBook Entry Purpose: Use grain long papers for best results. Fault ToneDisplays the tone when an error occurs.

Dell 3115cn Color Laser Printer User Manual

Understanding MenusPage 20 of 61Values: Do not force print media into the multipurpose feeder when you load it; otherwise, it may skew or buckle. To print a list of the current user default values, the installed options, the amount of installed print memory, To use the Fax Defaults to modify the Fax menu defaults. To print the Speed Dial report. Understanding Menus When your multifunction printer is configured as a network printer available to a number of users, the mffp to the Admin Menu menus can be limited.


The values are in units of 0. To adjust the overall brightness to make the scanned copy overexposed than the original.

Dell CN : All in One Printer User Manual

In the ,fp mode, selects submenus or sets values. Specifies the volume in Middle for the incoming faxes. Click the Continue button. Photo Uses for documents with photo or gray tones. If necessary, repeat steps 4 through 7.

In proportional or typographic fonts, every character can have a different width. You can change the Printer Name and driver setup according to your requirement. To verify the printer details such as hardware configuration and software version. Close the document cover. Press Start to send e-mail. Connecting Your Multifunction PrinterPage 5 of 91 Ethernet port2 Optional wireless printer adapter socketTo connect the multifunction printer to the network, plug one end of an Ethernet cable into the Ethernet porton the back of the multifunction printer, and the other end into a LAN drop or hub.

Create a folder in the desired directory on your computer Example of folder name, MyShare. Job Status Displays the status of the job being printed. Close the cover of the fuser unit and press down the levers at both ends of the fuser unit.

You can set the value in a percent for Custom.